How the boys escaped from school

How the boys escaped from school by this trick. خلاص یافتن کودکان از مکتب بدین مکر

سجده کردند و بگفتند ای کریم دور بادا از تو رنجوری و بیم
They bowed and said, “O honoured sir, may illness and danger be far from you!”
پس برون جستند سوی خانه‌ها همچو مرغان در هوای دانه‌ها
Then they bounded off to their homes, like birds in desire of grain.
مادرانشان خشمگین گشتند و گفت روز کتاب و شما با لهو جفت
Their mothers became angry with them and said, “A school-day and you at play!”
عذر آوردند کای مادر تو بیست این گناه از ما و از تقصیر نیست
They offered excuses (every one of them), saying, “Stop, mother! This sin does not proceed from us and is not caused by our fault.
از قضای آسمان استاد ما گشت رنجور و سقیم و مبتلا
By the destiny of Heaven our master has become ill and sick and afflicted.”
مادران گفتند مکرست و دروغ صد دروغ آرید بهر طمع دوغ
The mothers said, “It is a trick and a lie: ye bring forward a hundred lies because of your greed for buttermilk.
ما صباح آییم پیش اوستا تا ببینیم اصل این مکر شما
In the morning we will come to (visit) the master, that we may see (what is at) the bottom of this trick of yours.”
کودکان گفتند بسم الله روید بر دروغ و صدق ما واقف شوید
“Go in God’s name,” said the boys; “inform yourselves as to our lying or telling the truth.”




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