How Mustafá, on whom be peace

How Mustafá, on whom be peace, answered the objector. جواب گفتن مصطفی علیه‌السلام اعتراض کننده را

در حضور مصطفای قندخو
چون ز حد برد آن عرب از گفت و گو
When that Arab carried disputation beyond bounds in the presence of sweettempered Mustafá,
آن شه والنجم و سلطان عبس
لب گزید آن سرد دم را گفت بس
That king of Wa ’l-Najm and that sultan of ‘Abas bit his lip (in anger) and said to the silly prater, “Enough!”
دست می‌زند بهر منعش بر دهان
چند گویی پیش دانای نهان
He was putting his hand on his (the objector’s) mouth to prevent him, (as though to say), “How long wilt thou speak in the presence of one who knows the occult?”
پیش بینا برده‌ای سرگین خشک
که بخر این را به جای ناف مشک
Thou hast brought dry ordure to one endowed with vision, saying, “Buy this instead of a musk-bag.”
بعر را ای گنده‌مغز گنده‌مخ
زیر بینی بنهی و گویی که اخ
O thou of stinking brain and stinking marrow, thou placest camel’s dung beneath thy nose and sayest, “Oh, delicious!”
اخ اخی برداشتی ای گیج گاج
تا که کالای بدت یابد رواج
O squinting crazy fool, thou hast exclaimed in delight, “Oh, oh,” that thy bad wares may find a ready sale,
تا فریبی آن مشام پاک را
آن چریده‌ی گلشن افلاک را
And that thou mayst deceive that pure organ of (spiritual) smell, that which pastures in the celestial rose-garden.
حلم او خود را اگر چه گول ساخت
خویشتن را اندکی باید شناخت
Though his (the saint’s) forbearance has feigned to be stupid, one must know one’s self a little.
دیگ را گر باز ماند امشب دهن
گربه را هم شرم باید داشتن
If to-night the mouth of the cooking-pot is left open, yet the cat must have discretion.
خویشتن گر خفته کرد آن خوب فر
سخت بیدارست دستارش مبر
If that glorious one (the saint) has feigned to be asleep, he is (really) very much awake: do not carry off his turban.
چند گویی ای لجوج بی‌صفا
این فسون دیو پیش مصطفی
How long, O contumacious man devoid of (spiritual) excellence, wilt thou utter these Devil’s enchantments in the presence of God’s elect one?
صد هزاران حلم دارند این گروه
هر یکی حلمی از آنها صد چو کوه
This company (of the elect) have a hundred thousand forbearances, every one of which is (immovable) as a hundred mountains.
حلمشان بیدار را ابله کند
زیرک صد چشم را گمره کند
Their forbearance makes a fool of the wary and causes the keen-witted man with a hundred eyes to lose his way.
حلمشان هم‌چون شراب خوب نغز
نغز نغزک بر رود بالای مغز
Their forbearance, like fine choice wine, mounts by nice degrees up to the brain.
مست را بین زان شراب پرشگفت
هم‌چو فرزین مست کژ رفتن گرفت
Behold the man drunken with that marvellous (earthly) wine: the drunken man has begun to move crookedly like the queen (in chess). 
مرد برنا زان شراب زودگیر
در میان راه می‌افتد چو پیر
From (the effect of) that quickly-catching wine the (vigorous) youth is falling in the middle of the road, like an aged man.
خاصه این باده که از خم بلی است
نه میی که مستی او یکشبیست
Especially (consider the effect of) this (spiritual) wine which is from the jar of Balá—not the wine whereof the intoxication lasts (only) one night;
آنک آن اصحاب کهف از نقل و نقل
سیصد و نه سال گم کردند عقل
(But) that (wine) from which, (by drinking it) at dessert and in migration (from place to place), the Men of the Cave (the Seven Sleepers) lost their reason for three hundred and nine years.
زان زنان مصر جامی خورده‌اند
دستها را شرحه شرحه کرده‌اند
The women of Egypt drank one cup of that (wine) and cut their hands to pieces.
ساحران هم سکر موسی داشتند
دار را دلدار می‌انگاشتند
The magicians (of Pharaoh) too had the intoxication of Moses: they deemed the gallows to be their beloved.
جعفر طیار زان می بود مست
زان گرو می‌کرد بی‌خود پا و دست
Ja‘far-i Tayyár was drunken with that wine: therefore, being beside himself, he was pawning (sacrificing) his feet and hands (for God’s sake).




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