How it was divinely revealed

How it was divinely revealed to the mother of Moses that she should throw Moses into the water. وحی آمدن به مادر موسی کی موسی را در آب افکن

باز وحی آمد که در آبش فکن                            روی در اومید دار و مو مکن

Once more the revelation came: “Throw him into the water; keep thy face in hope and do not tear thy hair.

در فکن در نیلش و کن اعتماد                            من ترا با وی رسانم رو سپید

Throw him into the Nile and put trust (in Me): I will bring thee to him happily.”

این سخن پایان ندارد مکرهاش                         جمله می‌پیچید هم در ساق و پاش

This discourse hath no end. All his (Pharaoh’s) plots (only) entangled his (own) legs and feet.

صد هزاران طفل می‌کشت او برون                     موسی اندر صدر خانه در درون

He was killing hundreds of thousands of children outside, (whilst) Moses (remained) indoors in the upper part of the house.

از جنون می‌کشت هر جا بد جنین                       از حیل آن کورچشم دوربین

Wherever were embryos (new-born children), in his frenzy that far-seeing blind man was killing them by cunning devices.

اژدها بد مکر فرعون عنود                                  مکر شاهان جهان را خورده بود

The craft of the iniquitous Pharaoh was a dragon: it had devoured the craft of the kings of the world;

لیک ازو فرعون‌تر آمد پدید                               هم ورا هم مکر او را در کشید

But one that was a greater Pharaoh than it came into sight and swallowed both him and his craft.

اژدها بود و عصا شد اژدها                                   این بخورد آن را به توفیق خدا

It (Pharaoh’s craft) was a dragon: the rod (of Moses) became a dragon, and this devoured that by the aid of God.

دست شد بالای دست این تا کجا                        تا بیزدان که الیه المنتهی

Hand is above hand: how far is this (series)? Up to God, for unto Him is the end.

کان یکی دریاست بی غور و کران                      جمله دریاها چو سیلی پیش آن

For that (Omnipotence) is a sea without bottom or shore: beside it all the seas together are (but) as a torrent.

حیله‌ها و چاره‌ها گر اژدهاست                            پیش الا الله آنها جمله لاست

If (human) devices and expedients are a dragon, (yet) beside (there is no god) except Allah they all are naught.

چون رسید اینجا بیانم سر نهاد                           محو شد والله اعلم بالرشاد

Now that my exposition has reached this point, it lays down its head and expires; and God best knoweth the right course.

آنچ در فرعون بود اندر تو هست                       لیک اژدرهات محبوس چهست

That which was in Pharaoh, the same is in thee, but thy dragon is confined in the pit.

ای دریغ این جمله احوال توست                         تو بر آن فرعون بر خواهیش بست

Alas, all this (concerning Pharaoh) is what passes in thee: thou wouldst fain fasten it on Pharaoh.

گر ز تو گویند وحشت زایدت                            ور ز دیگر آفسان بنمایدت

If they say it of thee, there arises in thee a feeling of estrangement; and (if they tell it) of another, it seems to thee a fable.

چه خرابت می‌کند نفس لعین                              دور می‌اندازدت سخت این قرین

What ruin is wrought in thee by the accursed sensual soul! This familiar casts thee exceeding far (from God).

آتشت را هیزم فرعون نیست                             ورنه چون فرعون او شعله‌زنیست

Thy fire hath not Pharaoh’s fuel; otherwise, it is one that throws out flames like Pharaoh.




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