How every animal knows the smell

How every animal knows the smell of its enemy and takes precaution. The folly and perdition of him that is the enemy of that One against whom precaution is impossible, and flight is impossible, and resistance is impossible.شناختن هر حیوانی بوی عدو خود را و حذر کردن و بطالت و خسارت آنکس کی عدو کسی بود کی ازو حذر ممکن نیست و فرار ممکن نی و مقابله ممکن نی

اسپ داند بانگ و بوی شیر را گر چه حیوانست الا نادرا
The horse, though it is an animal, knows the roar and smell of the lion except in rare instances;
بل عدو خویش را هر جانور خود بداند از نشان و از اثر
Nay, every animal indeed knows its own enemy by sign and mark.
روز خفاشک نیارد بر پرید شب برون آمد چو دزدان و چرید
The little bat durst not fly in the daytime: it came out at night, like thieves, and pastured (got food for itself).
از همه محروم‌تر خفاش بود که عدو آفتاب فاش بود
The bat (bat-like man) was more damned than all (others), because he was the enemy of the manifest Sun.
نه تواند در مصافش زخم خورد نه بنفرین تاندش مهجور کرد
He cannot be wounded in battle with him (the Sun), nor can he drive him (the Sun) away by cursing.
آفتابی که بگرداند قفاش از برای غصه و قهر خفاش
The Sun who turns his back on account of the rage and violence of the bat.
غایت لطف و کمال او بود گرنه خفاشش کجا مانع شود
Tis the extreme of kindness and perfection on his part; otherwise, how should the bat prevent him (from exacting vengeance)?
دشمنی گیری بحد خویش گیر تا بود ممکن که گردانی اسیر
(If) you take (any one as) an enemy, take within your limit (capacity), so that it may be possible for you to make (him your) prisoner.
قطره با قلزم چو استیزه کند ابلهست او ریش خود بر می‌کند
When (one like) a drop of water contends with the Ocean, he is a fool: he is tearing out his own beard.
حیلت او از سبالش نگذرد چنبره‌ی حجره‌ی قمر چون بر درد
His cunning does not pass beyond his moustache: how should it penetrate the vaulted chamber of the Moon?
با عدو آفتاب این بد عتاب ای عدو آفتاب آفتاب
This (preceding discourse) was a rebuke (addressed) to the enemy of the Sun, O enemy of the Sun of the Sun.
ای عدو آفتابی کز فرش می‌بلرزد آفتاب و اخترش
O enemy of the Sun at whose glory His sun and stars tremble,
تو عدو او نه‌ای خصم خودی چه غم آتش را که تو هیزم شدی
You are not His enemy, you are the adversary of yourself: what does the Fire care that you have become firewood?
ای عجب از سوزشت او کم شود یا ز درد سوزشت پر غم شود
Oh, marvellous! Shall He suffer defect through your burning, or shall He become full of sorrow for the pain of your burning?
رحمتش نه رحمت آدم بود که مزاج رحم آدم غم بود
His mercy is not the mercy of Adam, for sorrow is mingled with the mercy of Adam.
رحمت مخلوق باشد غصه‌ناک رحمت حق از غم و غصه‌ست پاک
The mercy of the creature is anxious; the mercy of God is exempt from sorrow and anxiety.
رحمت بی‌چون چنین دان ای پدر ناید اندر وهم از وی جز اثر
Know that the mercy of the Unconditioned (God) is like this, O father; naught but the effect thereof comes into the imagination (is conceivable to us).




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