How Majnún petted the dog

How Majnún petted the dog that lived in Layla’s abode. نواختن مجنون آن سگ را کی مقیم کوی لیلی بود

همچو مجنون کو سگی را می‌نواخت بوسه‌اش می‌داد و پیشش می‌گداخت
(They behaved) like Majnún, who was (seen) petting a dog and kissing it and melting (with fondness) before it:
گرد او می‌گشت خاضع در طواف هم جلاب شکرش می‌داد صاف
He was pacing round it, stooping humbly in circumambulation; he was also giving it pure sugar-julep (to drink).
بوالفضولی گفت ای مجنون خام این چه شیدست این که می‌آری مدام
An idle talker said, “O half-baked Majnún, what hypocrisy is this that thou art always displaying?
پوز سگ دایم پلیدی می‌خورد مقعد خود را بلب می‌استرد
A dog’s muzzle is ever eating filth; a dog scrapes its séant with its lips.”
عیبهای سگ بسی او بر شمرد عیب‌دان از غیب‌دان بویی نبرد
He recounted the dog’s faults at some length: no one who perceives faults (‘aybdán) has got (even) a scent (inkling) of him that knows the things unseen (ghaybdán).
گفت مجنون تو همه نقشی و تن اندر آ و بنگرش از چشم من
Majnún said, “Thou art entirely (external) form and body: come within, and view it (the dog) through my eyes;
کین طلسم بسته‌ی مولیست این پاسبان کوچه‌ی لیلیست این
For this (dog) is a talisman sealed by (the hand of) the Lord: this (dog) is the guardian of the abode of Laylá.
همنشین بین و دل و جان و شناخت کو کجا بگزید و مسکن‌گاه ساخت
Look at its high aspiration and its heart and soul and knowledge; (consider) where it chose (to live) and made its dwelling-place.
او سگ فرخ‌رخ کهف منست بلک او هم‌درد و هم‌لهف منست
It is the dog of blessed countenance, (the dog) of my Cave; nay, it is the sharer of my grief and woe.
آن سگی که باشد اندر کوی او من به شیران کی دهم یک موی او
The dog that stays in her abode, how should I give a single hair of it to the lions?
ای که شیران مر سگانش را غلام گفت امکان نیست خامش والسلام
Oh, since to her dogs the lions are (devoted) slaves, there is no possibility of speaking (further). Silence, and farewell!”
گر ز صورت بگذرید ای دوستان جنتست و گلستان در گلستان
If ye pass beyond form, O friends, ’tis Paradise and rose gardens within rose gardens.
صورت خود چون شکستی سوختی صورت کل را شکست آموختی
When thou hast broken and destroyed thine own form, thou hast learned to break the form of everything.
بعد از آن هر صورتی را بشکنی همچو حیدر باب خیبر بر کنی
After that, thou wilt break every form: like Haydar (‘Alí), thou wilt uproot the gate of Khaybar.
سغبه‌ی صورت شد آن خواجه‌ی سلیم که به ده می‌شد بگفتاری سقیم
That simple Khwája was duped by form, for he was going to the country on (the strength of) infirm words (vain promises).
سوی دام آن تملق شادمان همچو مرغی سوی دانه‌ی امتحان
(He was going) joyously towards the snare of that flattery, as a bird towards the bait of tribulation.
از کرم دانست مرغ آن دانه را غایت حرص است نه جود آن عطا
The bird deemed the bait a mark of kindness (on the part of the fowler), (although) that gift is (really) the extreme of cupidity and is not munificence;
مرغکان در طمع دانه شادمان سوی آن تزویر پران و دوان
(So) in desire for the bait the little birds are merrily flying and running towards that imposture.
گر ز شادی خواجه آگاهت کنم ترسم ای ره‌رو که بیگاهت کنم
If I acquaint thee (fully) with the joy of the Khwája, I fear, O wayfarer, lest I make thee late.
مختصر کردم چو آمد ده پدید خود نبود آن ده ره دیگر گزید
I will abridge. When the village came in sight, it was not in sooth that village (which he was seeking), (so) he chose another road.
قرب ماهی ده بده می‌تاختند زانک راه ده نکو نشناختند
For about a month they were hurrying from village to village, because they did not well know the way to the (countryman’s) village.
هر که در ره بی قلاوزی رود هر دو روزه راه صدساله شود
If anybody goes on the way without a leader, every two days’ journey becomes one of a hundred years.
هر که تازد سوی کعبه بی دلیل همچو این سرگشتگان گردد ذلیل
Whoever speeds towards the Ka‘ba without a guide becomes contemptible, like these bewildered men.
هر که گیرد پیشه‌ای بی‌اوستا ریش‌خندی شد بشهر و روستا
Whoever takes up a trade (or profession) without (having) a teacher becomes a laughing-stock in town and country.
جز که نادر باشد اندر خافقین آدمی سر بر زند بی والدین
Except it be (a) singular (case), (in the whole world) between East and West does a descendant of Adam put forth his head (come to birth) without parents?
مال او یابد که کسبی می‌کند نادری باشد که بر گنجی زند
He gains wealth who earns something; ’tis an extraordinary event when one hits upon a (buried) treasure.
مصطفایی کو که جسمش جان بود تا که رحمن علم‌القرآن بود
Where is a Mustafá (Mohammed) whose body is spirit, so that the Merciful (God) should teach (him) the Qur’án?
اهل تن را جمله علم بالقلم واسطه افراشت در بذل کرم
For all those who are attached to the body He (God), in profusion of bounty, raised (the banner of) “He taught by the pen” as the means (of acquiring knowledge).
هر حریصی هست محروم ای پسر چون حریصان تگ مرو آهسته‌تر
O son, every greedy person is deprived (of spiritual blessings): do not thou run like the greedy, (go) more slowly.
اندر آن ره رنجها دیدند و تاب چون عذاب مرغ خاکی در عذاب
On that journey they (the townsman’s party) suffered pains and anguish like the torment of a land-bird in fresh water.
سیر گشته از ده و از روستا وز شکرریز چنان نا اوستا
They became sick of the village and the country and of the sugared expressions of such an uninstructed boor.




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