How Revelation came from God

How Revelation came from God most High to Moses that he should teach him the thing demanded by him, or part of it. وحی آمدن از حق تعالی به موسی کی بیاموزش چیزی کی استدعا کند یا بعضی از آن

گفت یزدان تو بده بایست او برگشا در اختیار آن دست او
God said, “Do thou grant his need: let him have a free hand to choose (good or evil).”
اختیار آمد عبادت را نمک ورنه می‌گردد بناخواه این فلک
Choice (free-will) is the salt of devotion; otherwise (there would be no merit): this celestial sphere revolves involuntarily;
گردش او را نه اجر و نه عقاب که اختیار آمد هنر وقت حساب
(Hence) its revolution has neither reward nor punishment, for free-will is (accounted) a merit at the time of the Reckoning.
جمله عالم خود مسبح آمدند نیست آن تسبیح جبری مزدمند
All created beings indeed are glorifiers (of God), (but) that compulsory glorification is not wage-earning.
تیغ در دستش نه از عجزش بکن تا که غازی گردد او یا راه‌زن
“Put a sword in his hand, pull him away from weakness (incapacity to choose), so that he may become (either) a holy warrior or a brigand,
زانک کرمنا شد آدم ز اختیار نیم زنبور عسل شد نیم مار
Because We have honoured Man by (the gift of) free-will: half (of him) is honeybee, half is snake.”
مومنان کان عسل زنبوروار کافران خود کان زهری همچو مار
The true believers are a store of honey, like the bee; the infidels, in sooth, are a store of poison, like the snake,
زانک ممن خورد بگزیده نبات تا چو نحلی گشت ریق او حیات
Because the true believer ate choice herbs, so that, like a bee, his spittle became (a means of giving) life;
باز کافر خورد شربت از صدید هم ز قوتش زهر شد در وی پدید
(While), again, the infidel drank sherbet of filthy water: accordingly from his nourishment poison appeared in him.
اهل الهام خدا عین الحیات اهل تسویل هوا سم الممات
Those inspired by God are the fountain of life; those allured by the enticements of sensuality are the poison of death.
در جهان این مدح و شاباش و زهی ز اختیارست و حفاظ آگهی
In the world this praise and “well done!” and “bravo!” are (bestowed) in virtue of free-will and watchful attention.
جمله رندان چونک در زندان بوند متقی و زاهد و حق‌خوان شوند
All profligates, when they are in prison, become devout and ascetic and invokers of God.
چونک قدرت رفت کاسد شد عمل هین که تا سرمایه نستاند اجل
When the power (to act freely) is gone, the work becomes unsaleable (worthless). Take heed lest Doom seize the capital (which thou hast).
قدرتت سرمایه‌ی سودست هین وقت قدرت را نگه دار و ببین
The power (of free action) is thy profit-earning capital. Hark, watch over the moment of power and observe (it well)!
آدمی بر خنگ کرمنا سوار در کف درکش عنان اختیار
Man rides on the steed of “We have honoured (the sons of Adam)”: the reins of free-will are in the hand of his intelligence.
باز موسی داد پند او را بمهر که مرادت زرد خواهد کرد چهر
Once more did Moses admonish him kindly, saying, “The thing thou desirest will make thy face pale.
ترک این سودا بگو وز حق بترس دیو دادستت برای مکر درس
Abandon this vain passion and be afraid of God: the Devil has schooled thee for the purpose of deception.”




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