How Pharaoh sent (messengers) to the cities

How Pharaoh sent (messengers) to the cities in search of the magicians. فرستادن فرعون به مداین در طلب ساحران

چونک موسی بازگشت و او بماند اهل رای و مشورت را پیش خواند
When Moses had returned (home) and he (Pharaoh) remained (with his own people), he called his advisers and counsellors to his presence.
آنچنان دیدند کز اطراف مصر جمع آردشان شه و صراف مصر
They deemed it right that the King and Ruler of Egypt should assemble them (the magicians) from all parts of Egypt.
او بسی مردم فرستاد آن زمان هر نواحی بهر جمع جادوان
Thereupon he sent many men in every direction to collect the sorcerers.
هر طرف که ساحری بد نامدار کرد پران سوی او ده پیک کار
In whatsoever region there was a renowned magician, he set flying towards him ten active couriers.
دو جوان بودند ساحر مشتهر سحر ایشان در دل مه مستمر
There were two youths, famous magicians: their magic penetrated into the heart of the moon.
شیر دوشیده ز مه فاش آشکار در سفرها رفته بر خمی سوار
They milked the moon publicly and openly; in their journeys they went mounted on a wine-jar.
شکل کرباسی نموده ماهتاب آن بپیموده فروشیده شتاب
They caused the moonshine to appear like a piece of linen: they measured and sold it speedily,
سیم برده مشتری آگه شده دست از حسرت به رخها بر زده
And took the silver away: the purchaser, on becoming aware (of the fraud), would smite his hand upon his cheeks in grief.
صد هزاران همچنین در جادوی بوده منشی و نبوده چون روی
They were the inventors of a hundred thousand such (tricks) in sorcery, and were not (following others) like the rhyme-letter.
چون بدیشان آمد آن پیغام شاه کز شما شاهست اکنون چاره‌خواه
When the King’s message reached them, (to this effect): “The king is now desiring help from you,
از پی آنک دو درویش آمدند بر شه و بر قصر او موکب زدند
Because two dervishes have come and marched in force against the King and his palace.
نیست با ایشان بغیر یک عصا که همی‌گردد به امرش اژدها
They have naught with them except one rod, which becomes a dragon at his (Moses’) command.
شاه و لشکر جمله بیچاره شدند زین دو کس جمله به افغان آمدند
The King and the whole army are helpless: all have been brought to lamentation by these two persons.
چاره‌ای می‌باید اندر ساحری تا بود که زین دو ساحر جان بری
A remedy must be sought in magic, that maybe thou wilt save (their) lives from these two enchanters”
آن دو ساحر را چو این پیغام داد ترس و مهری در دل هر دو فتاد
When he (the messenger) gave the message to those two magicians, a (great) fear and love descended on the hearts of them both.
عرق جنسیت چو جنبیدن گرفت سر به زانو بر نهادند از شگفت
When the vein of homogeneity began to throb, they laid their heads upon their knees in astonishment.
چون دبیرستان صوفی زانوست حل مشکل را دو زانو جادوست
Inasmuch as the knee is the Súfí’s school, the two knees are sorcerers for solving a difficulty.




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