How those two magicians summoned

How those two magicians summoned their father from the grave and questioned their father’s spirit concerning the real nature of Moses, on whom be peace. خواندن آن دو ساحر پدر را از گور و پرسیدن از روان پدر حقیقت موسی علیه السلام

بعد از آن گفتند ای مادر بیا گور بابا کو تو ما را ره نما
Afterwards they said, “Come, O mother, where is our father’s grave? Do thou show us the way.”
بردشان بر گور او بنمود راه پس سه‌روزه داشتند از بهر شاه
She took them and showed the way to his grave: then they kept a three days’ fast for the sake of the King.
بعد از آن گفتند ای بابا به ما شاه پیغامی فرستاد از وجا
After that they said, “O father, the King in consternation hath sent us a message
که دو مرد او را به تنگ آورده‌اند آب رویش پیش لشکر برده‌اند
(To say) that two men have brought him to sore straits and have destroyed his prestige with the army.
نیست با ایشان سلاح و لشکری جز عصا و در عصا شور و شری
There is not with them any weapons or soldiers; nothing but a rod, and in the rod is a calamity and bane.
تو جهان راستان در رفته‌ای گرچه در صورت به خاکی خفته‌ای
Thou art gone into the world of the righteous, though to outward seeming thou liest in a tomb.
آن اگر سحرست ما را ده خبر ور خدایی باشد ای جان پدر
If that is magic, inform us; and if it be divine, O spirit of our father,
هم خبر ده تا که ما سجده کنیم خویشتن بر کیمیایی بر زنیم
(In that case) also inform us, so that we may bow down (before them) and bring ourselves in touch with an elixir.
ناامیدانیم و اومیدی رسید
راندگانیم و کرم ما را کشید
We are despairing, and a hope has come; we are banished, and Mercy has drawn us (towards favour).”




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