How suspicion was thrown upon Luqmán

How suspicion was thrown upon Luqmán by the slaves and fellow-servants who said that he had eaten the fresh fruit which they were bringing (to their master( متهم کردن غلامان و خواجه‌‌تاشان مر لقمان را که آن میوه‌‌های ترونده که می‌‌آوردیم او خورده است‌‌

بود لقمان پیش خواجه‌‌ی خویشتن
در میان بندگانش خوار تن‌‌
In the eyes of his master, amongst (in comparison with) the (other) slaves, Luqmán was despicable on account of his body (outward aspect).
می‌‌فرستاد او غلامان را به باغ
تا که میوه آیدش بهر فراغ‌‌
He (the master) used to send the slaves to the garden, that fruit might come (be brought to him) for his pleasure.
بود لقمان در غلامان چون طفیل
پر معانی تیره صورت همچو لیل‌‌
Amongst the slaves Luqmán was (despised) like a parasite; (he was) full of (spiritual) ideas, dark-complexioned as night.
آن غلامان میوه‌‌های جمع را
خوش بخوردند از نهیب طمع را
Those slaves, being impelled by greed, ate the whole of the fruit with enjoyment,
خواجه را گفتند لقمان خورد آن
خواجه بر لقمان ترش گشت و گران‌‌
And told their master that Luqmán had eaten it, (whereupon) the master became bitter and sorely displeased with Luqmán.
چون تفحص کرد لقمان از سبب
در عتاب خواجه‌‌اش بگشاد لب‌‌
When Luqmán inquired (and ascertained) the cause (of this), he opened his lips to reproach his master.
گفت لقمان سیدا پیش خدا
بنده‌‌ی خاین نباشد مرتضا
“O sire,” said Luqmán, “an unfaithful servant is not approved in the sight of God.
امتحان کن جمله‌‌مان را ای کریم
سیرمان در ده تو از آب حمیم‌‌
Put us all to the test, O noble sir: give us our fill of hot water (to drink),
بعد از آن ما را به صحرایی کلان
تو سواره ما پیاده می‌‌دوان‌‌
And afterwards make us run into a great plain, thou being mounted and we on foot.
آن گهان بنگر تو بد کردار را
صنعهای کاشف الاسرار را
Then behold the evil-doer, (behold) the things that are done by Him who revealeth mysteries!”
گشت ساقی خواجه از آب حمیم
مر غلامان را و خوردند آن ز بیم‌‌
The master gave the servants hot water to drink, and they drank it in fear (of him).
بعد از آن می‌‌راندشان در دشتها
می‌‌دویدندی میان کشتها
Afterwards he was driving them into the plains, and those persons were running up and down.
قی در افتادند ایشان از عنا
آب می‌‌آورد ز یشان میوه‌‌ها
From distress they began to vomit: the (hot) water was bringing up the fruit from them.
چون که لقمان را در آمد قی ز ناف
می‌‌برآمد از درونش آب صاف‌‌
When Luqmán began to vomit from his navel (belly), there was coming up from within him (only) the pure water.
حکمت لقمان چو داند این نمود
پس چه باشد حکمت رب الوجود
Inasmuch as Luqmán’s wisdom can show forth this, then what must be the wisdom of the Lord of existence!
يوم تبلی، السرائر کلها
بان منکم کامن لا یشتهی‌‌
On the day when all the inmost thoughts shall be searched out, there will appear from you something latent, (the appearance of) which is not desired.
چون سقوا ماء حمیما قطعت
جملة الأستار مما أفظعت‌‌
When they shall be given hot water to drink, all the veils will be cut asunder (torn off) from that which is abhorred.
نار از آن آمد عذاب کافران
که حجر را نار باشد امتحان‌‌
The fire (of Hell) is made the torment of the infidels because fire is the (proper) test for stones.
آن دل چون سنگ را ما چند چند
نرم گفتیم و نمی‌‌پذرفت پند
How oft, how oft, have we spoken gently to our stony hearts, and they would not accept the counsel!
ریش بد را داروی بد یافت رگ
مر سر خر را سزد دندان سگ‌‌
For a bad wound the vein gets (requires) a bad (severe) remedy: the teeth of the dog are suitable for the donkey’s head.
الخبیثات الخبیثین حکمت است
زشت را هم زشت جفت و بابت است‌‌
The wicked women to the wicked men is wisdom: the ugly is the mate and fitting (consort) for the ugly.
پس تو هر جفتی که می‌‌خواهی برو
محو و هم شکل و صفات او بشو
Whatever, then, you wish to mate with, go, become absorbed by it, and assume its shape and qualities.
نور خواهی مستعد نور شو
دور خواهی خویش بین و دور شو
If you wish for the light, make yourself ready to receive the light; if you wish to be far (from God), become self-conceited and far;
ور رهی خواهی ازین سجن خرب
سر مکش از دوست و اسجد و اقترب‌‌
And if you wish (to find) a way out of this ruined prison, do not turn your head away from the Beloved, but bow in worship and draw nigh.




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