How that Wakíl

How that Wakíl, (moved) by love, made up his mind to return to Bukhárá recklessly.عزم کردن آن وکیل ازعشق کی رجوع کند به بخارا لاابالی‌وار

شمع مریم را بهل افروخته که بخارا می‌رود آن سوخته
Leave the candle of Mary lighted, for that ardent (lover) is going to Bukhárá,
سخت بی‌صبر و در آتشدان تیز رو سوی صدر جهان می‌کن گریز
Mightily impatient and in the blazing furnace (of love). Go, make a transition to the (story of the) Sadr-i Jahán.
این بخارا منبع دانش بود پس بخاراییست هر کنش بود
This “Bukhárá” is the source if knowledge; therefore every one who has that (knowledge) is a native of “Bukhárá.”
پیش شیخی در بخارا اندری تا به خواری در بخارا ننگری
In the presence of a Shaykh you are in “Bukhárá”: see that you do not look on “Bukhárá” as lowly.
جز به خواری در بخارای دلش راه ندهد جزر و مد مشکلش
Save with lowliness (shown by you), its difficult ebb and flow will not give (you) entrance into the “Bukhárá” of his heart.
ای خنک آن را که ذلت نفسه وای آنکس را که یردی رفسه
Oh, happy he whose carnal soul is abased! Alas for that one whose recalcitrance destroys (him)!
فرقت صدر جهان در جان او پاره پاره کرده بود ارکان او
Separation from the Sadr-i Jahán had shattered (the Wakíl’s) foundations to pieces in his soul.
گفت بر خیزم هم‌آنجا واروم کافر ار گشتم دگر ره بگروم
He said, “I will rise up and go back thither: if I have become an infidel, I will believe once more.
واروم آنجا بیفتم پیش او پیش آن صدر نکواندیش او
I will go back thither and fall before him-before its (Bukhárá’s) kindly-thinking Sadr (Prince).
گویم افکندم به پیشت جان خویش زنده کن یا سر ببر ما را چو میش
I will say, ‘I throw myself before thee: revive (me) or cut off my head, like a sheep!
کشته و مرده به پیشت ای قمر به که شاه زندگان جای دگر
Tis better to be slain and dead before thee, O Moon, that to be the king of the living in another place.
آزمودم من هزاران بار بیش بی تو شیرین می‌نبینم عیش خویش
I have put it to the test more than a thousand times: I don not deem my life sweet without thee.
غن لی یا منیتی لحن النشور ابرکی یا ناقتی تم السرور
Sing to me, O object of my desire, the melody of resurrection! Kneel, O my she-camel! The joy is complete.
ابلعی یا ارض دمعی قد کفی اشربی یا نفس وردا قد صفا
O earth, swallow my tears- surely they are enough. Drink, O my soul, a draught that is now pure!
عدت یا عیدی الینا مرحبا نعم ما روحت یا ریح الصبا
Thou hast returned to us, O my festival! Welcome! How goodly is the refreshment thou hast brought, O Zephyr!’”
گفت ای یاران روان گشتم وداع سوی آن صدری که امیرست و مطاع
He said, “Farewell, my friends: I have set out towards the Sadr who commands and is obeyed.
دم‌بدم در سوز بریان می‌شوم هرچه بادا باد آنجا می‌روم
Moment by moment I am being roasted in the flames. (of separation from him): I will go thither, come what may!
گرچه دل چون سنگ خارا می‌کند جان من عزم بخارا می‌کند
Although he is making his heart like a hard rock (against me), my soul is bound for Bukhárá.
مسکن یارست و شهر شاه من پیش عاشق این بود حب الوطن
It is the abode of my Friend and the city of my King: in the lover’s eyes this is (the meaning of) love of one’s native land.”




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