How the Amír who was the author

How the Amír who was the author of the mischievous intrigue came at midnight with his officers to open the chamber of Ayáz, and saw the sheepskin jacket and rustic shoon hanging (there) and supposed that this was a trick and pretence; and how he dug up every suspected corner and brought excavators and made holes in the walls and discovered nothing and fell into confusion and despair. So (it is with such) evil thinking men (as those) who imagined vain things about the work of the prophets and saints, saying that they were magicians and self-advertisers and (only) sought to occupy the chief position (among their people): after having investigated, they are covered with confusion, but it does not avail them. آمدن آن امیر نمام با سرهنگان نیم‌شب بگشادن آن حجره‌ی ایاز و پوستین و چارق دیدن آویخته و گمان بردن کی آن مکرست و روپوش و خانه را حفره کردن بهر گوشه‌ای کی گمان آمد چاه کنان آوردن و دیوارها را سوراخ کردن و چیزی نایافتن و خجل و نومید شدن چنانک بدگمانان و خیال‌اندیشان در کار انبیا و اولیا کی می‌گفتند کی ساحرند و خویشتن ساخته‌اند و تصدر می‌جویند بعد از تفحص خجل شوند و سود ندارد

آن امینان بر در حجره شدند طالب گنج و زر و خمره بدند
Those trusted (officers) came to the door of the chamber: they began to search for the treasure and the gold and the jar.
قفل را برمی‌گشادند از هوس با دو صد فرهنگ و دانش چند کس
A number of them, (urged) by vain desire, unlocked the door with infinite dexterity and skill;
زانک قفل صعب و پر پیچیده بود از میان قفلها بگزیده بود
For it was a formidable lock with intricate bolts: he (Ayáz) had selected it from (many other) locks,
نه ز بخل سیم و مال و زر خام از برای کتم آن سر از عوام
Not that he was avaricious of silver and riches and crude (uncoined) gold, (but) in order to hide that secret (of his) from the vulgar,
که گروهی بر خیال بد تنند قوم دیگر نام سالوسم کنند
“Lest” (so he thought) “some people imagine evil, (while) others call me a hypocrite.”
پیش با همت بود اسرار جان از خسان محفوظ‌تر از لعل کان
With the man of lofty aspiration the soul’s secrets are kept from the base (worldlings) more safely than the ruby in the mine.
زر به از جانست پیش ابلهان زر نثار جان بود نزد شهان
To fools gold seems better than the soul; in the opinion of (spiritual) kings gold is to be scattered on the soul (as an offering).
حرص تازد بیهده سوی سراب عقل گوید نیک بین که آن نیست آب
In greed of gold they (the officers) were hastening rapidly (to the chamber), (though) their reason was saying, “No; not so fast.”
حرص غالب بود و زر چون جان شده نعره‌ی عقل آن زمان پنهان شده
Greed was predominant (in them), and gold had become (dear to them) as their souls: at that moment the cry of reason was unheard.
گشته صدتو حرص و غوغاهای او گشته پنهان حکمت و ایمای او
Greed and its clamours had become hundredfold; wisdom and its suggestions had vanished,
تا که در چاه غرور اندر فتد آنگه از حکمت ملامت بشنود
To the end that he (the greedy man) may fall into the pit of delusion, and then hearken to the reproaches of Wisdom.
چون ز بند دام باد او شکست نفس لوامه برو یابید دست
When his wind (idle self-conceit) is broken by imprisonment in the trap,the rebuking soul gets the upper hand over him.
تا به دیوار بلا ناید سرش نشنود پند دل آن گوش کرش
Until his head comes against the wall of affliction, his deaf ear will not listen to the counsel of his heart.
کودکان را حرص گوزینه و شکر از نصیحتها کند دو گوش کر
Greed for walnut-cake and sugar makes the ears of children deaf to admonitions;
چونک دردت دنبلش آغاز شد در نصیحت هر دو گوشش باز شد
(Only) when the pain of his abscess begins do his (the child’s) ears become open to good advice.
حجره را با حرص و صدگونه هوس باز کردند آن زمان آن چند کس
Then the party (of searchers), with cupidity and a hundred kinds of vain desire, opened the chamber.
اندر افتادند از در ز ازدحام هم‌چو اندر دوغ گندیده هوام
They swarmed in through the doorway, jostling each other, like vermin (falling) on fetid buttermilk.
عاشقانه در فتد با کر و فر خورد امکان نی و بسته هر دو پر
They (the insects) fall on it triumphantly, like lovers, (but) there is no possibility of drinking, and both wings are stuck.
بنگریدند از یسار و از یمین چارقی بدریده بود و پوستین
They (the officers) looked to the left and to the right: there was (only) a torn pair of shoon and a sheepskin jacket.
باز گفتند این مکان بی‌نوش نیست چارق اینجا جز پی روپوش نیست
After (having looked), they said (to one another), “This place is not without balm: the shoon are only (displayed) here as a blind.
هین بیاور سیخهای تیز را امتحان کن حفره و کاریز را
Hey, bring sharp picks: try excavation and tunnelling.”
هر طرف کندند و جستند آن فریق حفره‌ها کردند و گوهای عمیق
The (searching) party dug and searched in every direction: they dug holes and deep cavities.
حفره‌هاشان بانگ می‌داد آن زمان کنده‌های خالییم ای کندگان
Thereupon the holes were (virtually) crying out to them, “We are empty holes, O ye stinkers!”
زان سگالش شرم هم می‌داشتند کنده‌ها را باز می‌انباشتند
Accordingly they (the officers) were ashamed of that (evil) thought (concerning Ayáz) and filled up the holes again.
بی‌عدد لا حول در هر سینه‌ای مانده مرغ حرصشان بی‌چینه‌ای
In every breast were innumerable (sighs of) lá hawl: the bird, their greed, was left without any food to peck.
زان ضلالتهای یاوه‌تازشان حفره‌ی دیوار و در غمازشان
The holes in the walls and in the door were informers against them (giving intelligence) of their futile aberrations.
ممکن اندای آن دیوار نی با ایاز امکان هیچ انکار نی
The wall could not possibly be plastered (repaired): there was no possibility of denying before Ayáz (what they had done);
گر خداع بی‌گناهی می‌دهند حایط و عرصه گواهی می‌دهند
(For) if they make a pretence of being innocent, the wall and floor will bear witness (against them).
باز می‌گشتند سوی شهریار پر ز گرد و روی زرد و شرمسار
(With such reflections) they were returning to the King, covered with dust and pale-faced and ashamed.




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