The rest of the Story of the Khwaja’s going

The rest of the Story of the Khwaja’s going to the village on the invitation of the countryman. بقیه‌ی داستان رفتن خواجه به دعوت روستایی سوی ده

شد ز حد هین باز گرد ای یار گرد روستایی خواجه را بین خانه برد
It (this digression) has passed beyond bounds: return, O valiant friend. The countryman, mark you, took the Khwaja to his house.
قصه‌ی اهل سبا یک گوشه نه آن بگو کان خواجه چون آمد به ده
Put aside the story of the people of Saba: tell how the Khwaja came to the village.
روستایی در تملق شیوه کرد تا که حزم خواجه را کالیوه کرد
The countryman used blandishments in ingratiating himself, until he made the Khwaja’s prudence crazy.
از پیام اندر پیام او خیره شد تا زلال حزم خواجه تیره شد
He ( the Khwaja) was distracted by message upon message, till the clear water of his prudence became turbid.
هم ازینجا کودکانش در پسند نرتع و نلعب بشادی می‌زدند
On the same side his children in approval (of the country-man’s invitation) were joyously striking up “Let us frolic and play,”
همچو یوسف کش ز تقدیر عجب نرتع و نلعب ببرد از ظل آب
Like Joseph, whom by the wondrous (act of Divine) predestination (the words). “Let us frolic and play” carried off from his father’s shadow (protection).
آن نه بازی بلک جانبازیست آن حیله و مکر و دغاسازیست آن
That is not (joyful) play; nay, ‘tis play with one’s life, ‘tis cunning and deceit and contrivance of fraud.
هرچه از یارت جدا اندازد آن مشنو آن را کان زیان دارد زیان
Whatsoever would fling you asunder from the Friend, do not listen to it, for it holds loss, loss.
گر بود آن سود صد در صد مگیر بهر زر مگسل ز گنجور ای فقیر
(Even) if the gain be a hundred hundredfold, do not accept it: do not, for the sake of the gold, break with the dervish (who is) the treasurer (of the Divine bounty)!
این شنو که چند یزدان زجر کرد گفت اصحاب نبی را گرم و سرد
Hear how many a rebuke, hot and cold (kindly and severe), God addressed to the Companions of the Prophet,
زانک بر بانگ دهل در سال تنگ جمعه را کردند باطل بی درنگ
Because, in a year of distress (famine), at the sound of the drum they (quitted) without tarrying (and) made void the Friday congregation,
تا نباید دیگران ارزان خرند زان جلب صرفه ز ما ایشان برند
“Lest” (so they said) “others should buy cheap and get the advantage over us in respect of those imported goods.”
ماند پیغامبر بخلوت در نماز با دو سه درویش ثابت پر نیاز
The Prophet was left alone in prayer with two or three poor men firm (in their faith) and full of supplication.
گفت طبل و لهو و بازرگانیی چونتان ببرید از ربانیی
He (God) said, “How did the drum and the pastime and a trading affair sunder you from a man of God?
قد فضضتم نحو قمح هائما ثم خلیتم نبیا قائما
Ye have dispersed (and run) madly towards the wheat, and left a Prophet standing (in prayer).
بهر گندم تخم باطل کاشتید و آن رسول حق را بگذاشتید
On account of the wheat ye sowed the seed of vanity and forsook that Messenger of God.
صحبت او خیر من لهوست و مال بین کرا بگذاشتی چشمی بمال
Companionship with him is better that pastime and riches: (look and ) see whom thou hast forsaken, rub an eye!
خود نشد حرص شما را این یقین که منم رزاق و خیر الرازقین
Verily, to your greed did not this become certain, that I am the Provider and the best of them that provide?”
آنک گندم را ز خود روزی دهد کی توکلهات را ضایع نهد
He that giveth sustenance from Himself unto the wheat, how should He let thy acts of trust (in Him) be wasted?
از پی گندم جدا گشتی از آن که فرستادست گندم ز آسمان
For the sake of wheat thou hast become parted from Him who hath sent the wheat from Heaven.




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