How the beasts preferred trust

How the beasts preferred trust in God to exertion ترجیح نهادن نخجیران توکل را بر اجتهاد

قوم گفتندش که کسب از ضعف خلق
لقمه‌‌ی تزویر دان بر قدر حلق‌‌
The party (of beasts) answered him, saying, “Regard acquisition (work), arising from the infirmity of (God’s) creatures, as a mouthful of deceit proportionate to the size of the gullet.
نیست کسبی از توکل خوبتر
چیست از تسلیم خود محبوبتر
There is no work better than trust in God: what, indeed, is dearer (to God) than resignation?
بس گریزند از بلا سوی بلا
بس جهند از مار سوی اژدها
Often do they flee from affliction (only) to (fall into) affliction; often do they recoil from the snake (only) to (meet with) the dragon.
حیله کرد انسان و حیله‌‌ش دام بود
آن که جان پنداشت خون آشام بود
Man devised (something), and his device was a snare (wherein he was trapped): that which he thought to be life was (actually) the drainer of his blood (his destroyer).
در ببست و دشمن اندر خانه بود
حیله‌‌ی فرعون زین افسانه بود
He locked the door while the foe was in the house: the plot of Pharaoh was a story of this sort.
صد هزاران طفل کشت آن کینه کش
و آن که او می‌‌جست اندر خانه‌‌اش‌‌
That vengeful man slew hundreds of thousands of babes, while the one he was searching after was in his (Pharaoh’s) house.
دیده‌‌ی ما چون بسی علت در اوست
رو فنا کن دید خود در دید دوست‌‌
Since in our eyesight (foresight) there is much defect, go, let your own sight pass away (faná) in the sight of the Friend (God).
دید ما را دید او نعم العوض
یابی اندر دید او کل غرض‌‌
His sight for ours—what a goodly recompense! In His sight you will find the whole object of your desire.
طفل تا گیرا و تا پویا نبود
مرکبش جز گردن بابا نبود
So long as the child could neither grasp (exert strength) nor run, he had nothing to ride on but his father’s neck;
چون فضولی گشت و دست و پا نمود
در عنا افتاد و در کور و کبود
When he became a busybody and plied hand and foot (exerted himself), he fell into trouble and wretchedness.
جانهای خلق پیش از دست و پا
می‌‌پریدند از وفا اندر صفا
The spirits of created beings, before (the creation of) hand and foot, by reason of their faithfulness were flying in (the realm of) purity;
چون به امر اهبطوا بندی شدند
حبس خشم و حرص و خرسندی شدند
When they were constrained by the (Divine) command, Get ye down, they became engaoled in anger and covetousness and contentment.
ما عیال حضرتیم و شیر خواه
گفت الخلق عیال للإله‌‌
We are the family of the Lord and craving after milk (like infants): he (the Prophet) said, ‘The people are God’s family.’
آن که او از آسمان باران دهد
هم تواند کاو ز رحمت نان دهد
He who gives rain from heaven is also able, from His mercy, to give us bread.”




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