The mystery of Moses seeking Khizr

The mystery of Moses seeking Khizr, notwithstanding his perfection as a prophet and as one nigh unto God. سر طلب کردن موسی خضر را علیهماالسلام با کمال نبوت و قربت

از کلیم حق بیاموز ای کریم بین چه می‌گوید ز مشتاقی کلیم
Learn from him with whom God spake, O noble sir! See what Kalím (Moses) says in his longing!
با چنین جاه و چنین پیغامبری طالب خضرم ز خودبینی بری
“Notwithstanding such a dignity and such a prophetic office (as I possess), I am a seeker of Khizr, (I am) quit of self-regard.”
موسیا تو قوم خود را هشته‌ای در پی نیکوپیی سرگشته‌ای
(They said), “O Moses, thou hast forsaken thy people; thou hast wandered distraught in search of a blessed man.
کیقبادی رسته از خوف و رجا چند گردی چند جویی تا کجا
Thou art an emperor delivered from fear and hope: how long wilt thou wander? How long wilt thou seek? To what bound?
آن تو با تست و تو واقف برین آسمانا چند پیمایی زمین
(He that is) thine is with thee, and thou art conscious of this. O (thou who art exalted as the) sky, how long wilt thou traverse the (low) earth?”
گفت موسی این ملامت کم کنید آفتاب و ماه را کم ره زنید
Moses said, “Do not make this reproach (against me), do not waylay the Sun and the Moon.
می‌روم تا مجمع البحرین من تا شوم مصحوب سلطان زمن
I will fare as far as the meeting-place of the two seas, that (afterwards) I may be accompanied by the Sovereign of the time.
اجعل الخضر لامری سببا ذاک او امضی و اسری حقبا
I will make Khizr a means to (the achievement of) my purpose: (either) that, or I will go onward and journey by night a long while.
سالها پرم بپر و بالها سالها چه بود هزاران سالها
I will fly with wings and pinions for years: what are years? For thousands of years.”
می‌روم یعنی نمی‌ارزد بدان عشق جانان کم مدان از عشق نان
(He said) “I will fare,” meaning, “Is it not worth that (toilsome journey)? Do not deem the passion for the Beloved to be less than the passion for bread (worldly goods).”
این سخن پایان ندارد ای عمو داستان آن دقوقی را بگو
This discourse hath no end, O uncle. (Now) tell the story of Daqúqí.




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