How the Cadi was incensed

How the Cadi was incensed fry the slap of the poor (sick) man and how the Súfi taunted the Cadi. طیره شدن قاضی از سیلی درویش و سرزنش کردن صوفی قاضی را

گشت قاضی طیره صوفی گفت هی حکم تو عدلست لاشپک نیست غی
The Cadi was incensed. “Hey,” cried the Súfi, “your decision is just, no doubt (about it): there is no error.
آنچ نپسندی به خود ای شیخ دین چون پسندی بر برادر ای امین
O Shaykh of the (Mohammedan) religion, how can you approve for a brother (Moslem) what you disapprove for your self, O man of trust?
این ندانی که می من چه کنی هم در آن چه عاقبت خود افکنی
Don’t you know this, that (if) you dig a pit for me you will at last let yourself fall into the same pit?
من حفر برا نخواندی از خبر آنچ خواندی کن عمل جان پدر
Haven’t you read in the Traditions (of the Prophet), ‘Whoever digs a pit (for his brother will fall into it)’? Practise what you have read, O soul of your father!
این یکی حکمت چنین بد در قضا که ترا آورد سیلی بر قفا
This one judicial decision of yours was like this, for it has brought you a slap on the nape.
وای بر احکام دیگرهای تو تا چه آرد بر سر و بر پای تو
Alas for your other (unjust) decisions! (Consider) what (penalty) they will bring upon your head and feet.
ظالمی را رحم آری از کرم که برای نفقه بادت سه درم
From kindness you take pity on a wrong-doer, saying, ‘Mayst thou have three dirhems to spend (on food)!’
دست ظالم را ببر چه جای آن که بدست او نهی حکم و عنان
Cut off the wrong-doer’s hand: what occasion is there for you to put the control and reins in his hand?
تو بدان بز مانی ای مجهول‌داد که نژاد گرگ را او شیر داد
O you from whom justice is unknown, you resemble the goat that gave her milk to the wolf-cub.”




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