The rules to be observed by listeners

The rules to be observed by listeners and disciples at the emanation of wisdom from the tongue of the Shaykh. آداب المستمعین والمریدین عند فیض الحکمة من لسان الشیخ

بر ملولان این مکرر کردنست نزد من عمر مکرر بردنست
To the weary this is (only) repetition, (but) in my eyes it is the bringing of repeated life.
شمع از برق مکرر بر شود خاک از تاب مکرر زر شود
The candle goes upward (burns higher) from repeated flashes (of flame); earth becomes gold in consequence of repeated heat.
گر هزاران طالب‌اند و یک ملول از رسالت باز می‌ماند رسول
If there are thousands of (eager) seekers (of knowledge) and a single weary (disgusted) one, the Messenger will refrain from delivering his message.
این رسولان ضمیر رازگو مستمع خواهند اسرافیل‌خو
These mystery-telling Messengers of the hidden Mind require a hearer who has the nature of Isráfíl.
نخوتی دارند و کبری چون شهان چاکری خواهند از اهل جهان
They have a haughtiness and pride like (that of) kings: they require service from the people of the world.
تا ادبهاشان بجاگه ناوری از رسالتشان چگونه بر خوری
Until you perform the observances due to them, how will you gain profit from their message?
کی رسانند آن امانت را بتو تا نباشی پیششان راکع دوتو
How will they deliver that deposit to you till you are bowed double before them?
هر ادبشان کی همی‌آید پسند کامدند ایشان ز ایوان بلند
How is every (kind of) observance acceptable to them? for they have come from the Sublime Palace.
نه گدایانند کز هر خدمتی از تو دارند ای مزور منتی
They are not beggars, that they should be grateful to you, O impostor, for every service.
لیک با بی‌رغبتیها ای ضمیر صدقه‌ی سلطان بیفشان وا مگیر
But, O (thou who art the) inmost consciousness (of God), notwithstanding (their) lack of desire (to hear thy message), scatter the (Divine) Sultan’s charity: do not withhold it!
اسپ خود را ای رسول آسمان در ملولان منگر و اندر جهان
O heavenly Messenger, do not regard the disgusted ones and let thy horse bound onward!
فرخ آن ترکی که استیزه نهد اسپش اندر خندق آتش جهد
Blest is the Turcoman who lays contention aside and whose horse gallops into the moat of fire.
گرم گرداند فرس را آنچنان که کند آهنگ اوج آسمان
(Who) makes his horse so hot (in the race) that it seeks to mount to the zenith of the sky;
چشم را از غیر و غیرت دوخته همچو آتش خشک و تر را سوخته
(Who) has shut his eyes to other (than God) and to jealousy; (who), like fire, has consumed (both) dry and wet.
گر پشیمانی برو عیبی کند آتش اول در پشیمانی زند
If repentance find fault with him, he first sets fire to repentance.
خود پشیمانی نروید از عدم چون ببیند گرمی صاحب‌قدم
Verily, repentance does not spring forth from non-existence (does not show itself at all), when it sees the ardour of him whose presence brings fortune.




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