How the crow impugned the claim

How the crow impugned the claim

How the crow impugned the claim of the hoopoe طعنه‌‌ی زاغ در دعوی هدهد

زاغ چون بشنود آمد از حسد
با سلیمان گفت کاو کژ گفت و بد
When the crow heard (this), from envy he came and said to Solomon, “He has spoken false and ill.
از ادب نبود به پیش شه مقال
خاصه خود لاف دروغین و محال‌‌
It is not respectful to speak in the king’s presence, in particular (to utter) lying and absurd self-praise.
گر مر او را این نظر بودی مدام
چون ندیدی زیر مشتی خاک دام‌‌
If he had always had this (keen) sight, how would not he have seen the snare beneath a handful of earth?
چون گرفتار آمدی در دام او
چون قفس اندر شدی ناکام او
How would he have been caught in the snare? How would he have gone into the cage willy-nilly?”
پس سلیمان گفت ای هدهد رواست
کز تو در اول قدح این درد خاست‌‌
Then Solomon said: “O hoopoe, is it right that these dregs have risen from thee at the first cup?
چون نمایی مستی ای خورده تو دوغ
پیش من لافی زنی آن گه دروغ‌‌
O thou who hast drunk buttermilk, how dost thou pretend intoxication and brag in my presence and tell lies besides?”




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