Parable مثل

آنچنان که گفت مادر بچه را گر خیالی آیدت در شب فرا
The case is like that of the mother who said to her child, “If a ghost come to you in the night,
یا بگورستان و جای سهمگین تو خیالی بینی اسود پر ز کین
Or if in a graveyard and frightful place you behold a black bogle full of rage,
دل قوی دار و بکن حمله برو او بگرداند ز تو در حال رو
Keep a stout heart and rush at it, and immediately it will turn its face away from you.”
گفت کودک آن خیال دیووش گر بدو این گفته باشد مادرش
“(But),” said the child, “suppose the devilish bogle’s mother has said this (same thing) to it;
حمله آرم افتد اندر گردنم ز امر مادر پس من آنگه چون کنم
(If) I rush at it, by its mother’s orders it will fall on my neck: what shall I do then?
تو همی‌آموزیم که چست ایست آن خیال زشت را هم مادریست
You are teaching me to stand firm, (but) the ugly bogle has a mother too.”
دیو و مردم را ملقن آن یکیست غالب از وی گردد ار خصم اندکیست
The instructor of (the race of) devils and of mankind is the One (God): through Him the enemy prevails (even) if he is in small force.
تا کدامین سوی باشد آن یواش الله‌الله رو تو هم زان سوی باش
On whichever side that Gracious One may be, go and for God’s sake, for God’s sake, be thou also on that side!
گفت اگر از مکر ناید در کلام حیله را دانسته باشد آن همام
He (the cadi) said, “Suppose the worthy man is not induced to speak by your device and has (already) perceived the trick, 
سر او را چون شناسی راست گو گفت من خامش نشینم پیش او
Tell me truly, how can you know his hidden nature?” He replied, “I sit before him in silence
صبر را سلم کنم سوی درج تا بر آیم صبر مفتاح الفرج
And make patience a ladder to climb upwards: patience is the key to success.
ور بجوشد در حضورش از دلم منطقی بیرون ازین شادی و غم
And if in his presence there should gush from my heart a speech beyond this (realm of) joy and sorrow,
من بدانم کو فرستاد آن بمن از ضمیر چون سهیل اندر یمن
I know that he has sent it to me from the depths of a soul (illumined) like Canopus (rising) in Yemen.
در دل من آن سخن زان میمنه‌ست زانک از دل جانب دل روزنه‌ست
The speech in my heart comes from that auspicious quarter, for there is a window between heart and heart.”




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