Story of the hoopoe and Solomon

Story of the hoopoe and Solomon, showing that when the Divine destiny comes to pass, clear eyes are sealed قصه‌‌ی هدهد و سلیمان

چون سلیمان را سراپرده زدند
جمله مرغانش به خدمت آمدند
When the tent-pavilion was pitched for Solomon, all the birds came to pay him obeisance.
هم زبان و محرم خود یافتند
پیش او یک یک به جان بشتافتند
They found (him) speaking the same tongue (as themselves) and familiar with them: one by one they sped with (eager) soul into his presence.
جمله مرغان ترک کرده جیک جیک
با سلیمان گشته افصح من اخیک‌‌
All the birds, having ceased from twittering, (in converse) with Solomon became more distinct (spoke more articulately) than your own brother.
هم زبانی خویشی و پیوندی است
مرد با نامحرمان چون بندی است‌‌
To speak the same tongue is a kinship and affinity: a man, (when he is) with those in whom he cannot confide, is like a prisoner in chains.
ای بسا هندو و ترک هم زبان
ای بسا دو ترک چون بیگانگان‌‌
Oh, many are the Indians and Turks that speak the same tongue; oh, many the pair of Turks that are as strangers (to each other).
پس زبان محرمی خود دیگر است
هم دلی از هم زبانی بهتر است‌‌
Therefore the tongue of mutual understanding is different indeed: to be one in heart is better than to be one in tongue.
غیر نطق و غیر ایما و سجل
صد هزاران ترجمان خیزد ز دل‌‌
Without speech and without sign or scroll, hundreds of thousands of interpreters arise from the heart.
جمله مرغان هر یکی اسرار خود
از هنر وز دانش و از کار خود
The birds, all and each, their secrets of skill and knowledge and practice.
با سلیمان یک به یک وامی‌‌نمود
از برای عرضه خود را می‌‌ستود
Were revealing, one by one, to Solomon, and were praising themselves by way of submitting a request (for his consideration),
از تکبر نی و از هستی خویش
بهر آن تا ره دهد او را به پیش‌‌
Not from pride and self-conceit, (but) in order that he might give them access to him.
چون بباید برده‌‌ای را خواجه‌‌ای
عرضه دارد از هنر دیباجه‌‌ای‌‌
When a captive wants a lord (to buy him as a slave), he offers a preface (summary account) of his talent; 
چون که دارد از خریداریش ننگ
خود کند بیمار و کر و شل و لنگ‌‌
(But) when he is ashamed (disgusted) at his buying him, he makes himself out to be sick and deaf and palsied and lame.
نوبت هدهد رسید و پیشه‌‌اش
و آن بیان صنعت و اندیشه‌‌اش‌‌
The turn came for the hoopoe and his craft and the explanation of his skill and thoughtfulness.
گفت ای شه یک هنر کان کهتر است
باز گویم گفت کوته بهتر است‌‌
“O king,” said he, “I will declare (only) one talent, which is an inferior one; ’tis better to speak briefly.”
گفت بر گو تا کدام است آن هنر
گفت من آن گه که باشم اوج بر
“Tell on,” said Solomon; “let me hear what talent that is.” The hoopoe said, “At the time when I am at the zenith,
بنگرم از اوج با چشم یقین
من ببینم آب در قعر زمین‌‌
I gaze from the zenith with the eye of certainty and I see the water at the bottom of the earth,
تا کجایست و چه عمق استش چه رنگ
از چه می‌‌جوشد ز خاکی یا ز سنگ‌‌
So that (I know) where it is and what is its depth; what its colour is, whence it gushes forth from clay or from rock.
ای سلیمان بهر لشکرگاه را
در سفر می‌‌دار این آگاه را
O Solomon, for the sake of thine army’s camping-place keep this wise one (beside thee) on thy expeditions.”
پس سلیمان گفت ای نیکو رفیق
در بیابانهای بی‌‌آب عمیق‌‌
Then said Solomon, “O good companion in waterless far-stretching wastes!”




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