How the dog attacked the mendicant

How the dog attacked the mendicant

How the dog attacked the mendicant who was blind. حمله بردن سگ بر کور گدا

یک سگی در کوی بر کور گدا
حمله می‏آورد چون شیر وغا
A dog was attacking, as (though it were) a warlike lion, a blind mendicant in a certain street.
سگ کند آهنگ درویشان به خشم
در کشد مه خاک درویشان به چشم‏
The dog rushes angrily at dervishes; the moon smears her eyes with dust of (the feet of) dervishes.
کور عاجز شد ز بانگ و بیم سگ
اندر آمد کور در تعظیم سگ‏
The blind man was made helpless by the dog’s barking and by (his) fear of the dog; the blind man began to pay honour to the dog.
کای امیر صید و ای شیر شکار
دست دست تست دست از من بدار
Saying, “O prince of the chase, and O lion of the hunt, thine is the (upper) hand: refrain thy hand from me!”
کز ضرورت دم خر را آن حکیم
کرد تعظیم و لقب دادش کریم‏
For, (moved) by necessity, that (renowned) philosopher paid honour to (one vile as) the tail of an ass, and gave him the title of “noble.”
گفت او هم از ضرورت کای اسد
از چو من لاغر شکارت چه رسد
He (the blind man) too, of necessity, said, “O lion, what (good) will come to thee from such a meagre prey as I am?
گور می‏گیرند یارانت به دشت
کور می‏گیری تو در کوچه به گشت‏
Thy friends are catching onagers in the desert; thou art catching a blind man in the street; this is bad.
گور می‏جویند یارانت به صید
کور می‏جویی تو در کوچه به کید
Thy friends seek on agers by hunting (them); thou in (mere) malice seekest a blind man in the street.”
آن سگ عالم شکار گور کرد
وین سگ بی‏مایه قصد کور کرد
The knowing dog has made the onager his prey, while this worthless dog has attacked a blind man.
علم چون آموخت سگ رست از ضلال
می‏کند در بیشه‏ها صید حلال‏
When the dog has learned the knowledge (imparted to him), he has escaped from error: he hunts lawful prey in the jungles.
سگ چو عالم گشت شد چالاک زحف
سگ چو عارف گشت شد ز اصحاب کهف‏
When the dog has become knowing (‘álim), he marches briskly; when the dog has become a knower of God (‘árif), he becomes (as) the Men of the Cave.
سگ شناسا شد که میر صید کیست
ای خدا آن نور اشناسنده چیست‏
The dog has come to know who is the Master of the hunt. O God, what is that knowing light?
کور نشناسد نه از بی‏چشمی است
بلکه این ز آن است کز جهل است مست‏
(If) the blind man knows it not, ’tis not from (his) having no eye (to see); nay, ’tis because he is drunken with ignorance.
نیست خود بی‏چشم تر کور از زمین
این زمین از فضل حق شد خصم بین‏
Truly, the blind man is not more eyeless than the earth; and this earth, by the grace of God, has become a seer of (God’s) enemies.
نور موسی دید و موسی را نواخت
خسف قارون کرد و قارون را شناخت‏
It saw the Light of Moses and showed kindness to Moses; (but) Qárún it engulfed, (for) it knew Qárún.
رجف کرد اندر هلاک هر دعی
فهم کرد از حق که یا أرض ابلعی‏
It quaked for the destruction of every false pretender: it understood (the words that came) from God, “O earth, swallow (thy water)!”
خاک و آب و باد و نار با شرر
بی‏خبر با ما و با حق با خبر
Earth and water and air and sparking fire are unacquainted with us, but acquainted with God.
ما بعکس آن ز غیر حق خبیر
بی‏خبر از حق و از چندین نذیر
Contrariwise, we are aware of (things) other than God, (but) unaware (heedless) of God and of so many warners (prophets).
لاجرم أشفقن منها جمله‏شان
کند شد ز آمیز حیوان حمله‏شان‏
As a necessary consequence, they (the elements) all shrank from (accepting) it (the trust offered to them): (the edge of) their impulse to partake of life was blunted.
گفته بیزاریم جمله زین حیات
کاو بود با خلق حی با حق موات‏
They said, “We all are averse to this life, (namely), that one should be living in relation to created beings and dead in relation to God.”
چون بماند از خلق گردد او یتیم
انس حق را قلب می‏باید سلیم‏
When he (any one) remains away from created beings, he is orphaned (single): for intimacy with God, the heart must be free (from relations with aught besides).
چون ز کوری دزد دزدد کاله‏ای
می‏کند آن کور عمیا ناله‏ای‏
When a thief steals some article of property from a blind man, the blind man is blindly lamenting.
تا نگوید دزد او را کان منم
کز تو دزدیدم که دزد پر فنم‏
Until the thief say to him, “’Tis I that stole from thee, for I am an artful thief,”
کی شناسد کور دزد خویش را
چون ندارد نور چشم و آن ضیا
How should the blind man know his thief, since he hath not the eye’s light and that radiance (of vision)?
چون بگوید هم بگیر او را تو سخت
تا بگوید او علامتهای رخت‏
When he (the thief) speaks (and confesses), at once take tight hold of him, that he may tell the marks (descriptive) of the (stolen) goods.
پس جهاد اکبر آمد عصر دزد
تا بگوید که چه دزدیده است مزد
The Greater Jihád (Holy War), then, consists in squeezing the thief, in order that he may tell what he has stolen and what he has carried off.
اولا دزدید کحل دیده‏ات
چون ستانی باز یابی تبصرت‏
First, he has stolen your eye-salve; when you take it (from him), you will regain (your) insight.
کاله‏ی حکمت که گم کرده‏ی دل است
پیش اهل دل یقین آن حاصل است‏
The goods of wisdom, which have been lost by (your) heart, are certainly to be found with the man of heart (the saint).
کوردل با جان و با سمع و بصر
می‏نداند دزد شیطان را ز اثر
The blind of heart, notwithstanding (his possession of) life and hearing and sight, is never knowing the devilish thief by the traces (which he leaves).
ز اهل دل جو از جماد آن را مجو
که جماد آمد خلایق پیش او
Seek (that knowledge) from the man of heart; do not seek it from the inanimate, for (all other) people are inanimate beside (in comparison with) him.
مشورت جوینده آمد نزد او
کای اب کودک شده رازی بگو
The seeker of counsel approached him (the saint who was feigning madness), saying, “O father who hast become (as) a child, tell (me) a secret.”
گفت رو زین حلقه کاین در باز نیست
باز گرد امروز روز راز نیست‏
He answered, “Begone from this door-ring, for this door is not open. Turn back: to-day is not the day for secrets.
گر مکان را ره بدی در لامکان
همچو شیخان بودمی من بر دکان‏
If the spatial had (any) access to the non-spatial, I should be (seated) on the bench, (giving instruction) like the Shaykhs (spiritual directors).”




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