How the falcon invited the ducks

How the falcon invited the ducks

How the falcon invited the ducks to come from the water to the plain. دعوت باز بطان را از آب به صحرا

باز گوید بط را کز آب خیز تا ببینی دشتها را قندریز
Says the falcon to the duck, “Arise from the water, that thou mayst see the plains diffusing sweetness,”
بط عاقل گویدش ای باز دور آب ما را حصن و امنست و سرور
(But) the wise duck says to him, “Away, O falcon! The water is our stronghold and safety and joy.”
دیو چون باز آمد ای بطان شتاب هین به بیرون کم روید از حصن آب
The Devil is like the falcon. O ducks, make haste (to guard yourselves)! Beware, do not come out of your stronghold, the water.
باز را گویند رو رو باز گرد از سر ما دست دار ای پای‌مرد
They (the ducks) say to the falcon, “Begone, begone! Turn back and keep the hand off our heads, O kind friend!
ما بری از دعوتت دعوت ترا ما ننوشیم این دم تو کافرا
We are quit of thy invitation: (keep) the invitation for thyself: we will not listen to these words of thine, O infidel!
حصن ما را قند و قندستان ترا من نخواهم هدیه‌ات بستان ترا
The stronghold (the water) is (enough) for us: let the sugar and sugar-fields be thine! I do not desire thy gift: take it for thyself!
چونک جان باشد نیاید لوت کم چونک لشکر هست کم ناید علم
Whilst there is life (in the body), food will not fail; when there is an army, banners will not fail.”
خواجه‌ی حازم بسی عذر آورید بس بهانه کرد با دیو مرید
The prudent Khwája offered many an excuse and made many a pretext to the (countryman who resembled the) obstinate Devil.
گفت این دم کارها دارم مهم گر بیایم آن نگردد منتظم
“At this moment,” said he, “I have serious matters (in hand); if I come (to visit you), they will not be set in order.
شاه کار نازکم فرموده است ز انتظارم شاه شب نغنوده است
The King has charged me with a delicate affair, and because of (anxiously) expecting me he has not slept during the night.
من نیارم ترک امر شاه کرد من نتانم شد بر شه روی‌زرد
I dare not neglect the King’s command, I cannot fall into disgrace with the King.
هر صباح و هر مسا سرهنگ خاص می‌رسد از من همی‌جوید مناص
Every morning and evening a special officer arrives and requests of me (desires me to provide) a means of escape (from the difficulty).
تو روا داری که آیم سوی ده تا در ابرو افکند سلطان گره
Do you deem it right that I should go into the country, with the result that the King would knit his brows (in wrath)?
بعد از آن درمان خشمش چون کنم زنده خود را زین مگر مدفون کنم
How should I heal (assuage) his anger after that? Surely, by this (offence) I should bury myself alive.”
زین نمط او صد بهانه باز گفت حیله‌ها با حکم حق نفتاد جفت
He related a hundred pretexts of this sort, (but his) expedients did not coincide with God’s decree.
گر شود ذرات عالم حیله‌پیچ با قضای آسمان هیچند هیچ
If (all) the atoms of the world contrive expedients, they are naught, naught, against the ordinance of Heaven.
چون گریزد این زمین از آسمان چون کند او خویش را از وی نهان
How shall this earth flee from Heaven, how shall it conceal itself from it?
هرچه آید ز آسمان سوی زمین نه مفر دارد نه چاره نه کمین
Whatsoever may come from Heaven to the earth, it (the earth) has no refuge or device or hiding-place.
آتش ار خورشید می‌بارد برو او بپیش آتشش بنهاده رو
Is fire from the sun raining upon it, it has laid its face (low) before his fire;
ور همی طوفان کند باران برو شهرها را می‌کند ویران برو
And if the rain is making a flood upon it and devastating the cities upon it,
او شده تسلیم او ایوب‌وار که اسیرم هرچه می‌خواهی ببار
It (the earth) has become resigned to it (Heaven), like Job, saying, “I am captive: bring (on me) whatever thou wilt.”
ای که جزو این زمینی سر مکش چونک بینی حکم یزدان در مکش
O thou who art a part of this earth, do not lift up thy head (in rebellion); when thou seest the decree of God, do not withdraw (from it disobediently).
چون خلقناکم شنودی من تراب خاک باشی جست از تو رو متاب
Since thou hast heard “We created thee of dust,” (know that) He (God) hath required thee to be (humble and submissive as) dust: do not avert thy face (from Him).
بین که اندر خاک تخمی کاشتم کرد خاکی و منش افراشتم
(God saith), “Mark how I have sown a seed in the earth: thou art dust of the earth, and I have raised it aloft.
حمله‌ی دیگر تو خاکی پیشه گیر تا کنم بر جمله میرانت امیر
Do thou once more adopt the practice of earthiness (self-abasement), that I may make thee prince over all princes.”
آب از بالا به پستی در رود آنگه از پستی به بالا بر رود
Water goes from above to below; then from below it goes up above.
گندم از بالا بزیر خاک شد بعد از آن او خوشه و چالاک شد
The wheat went beneath the earth from above; afterwards it became ears of corn and sprang up quickly.
دانه‌ی هر میوه آمد در زمین بعد از آن سرها بر آورد از دفین
The seed of every fruit entered into the earth; afterwards it raised up heads (shoots) from the buried (root).
اصل نعمتها ز گردون تا بخاک زیر آمد شد غذای جان پاک
The source of (all) blessings descended from Heaven to the earth and became the nutriment of the pure (vital) spirit.
از تواضع چون ز گردون شد بزیر گشت جزو آدمی حی دلیر
Forasmuch as it came down from Heaven on account of humility, it became part of the living and valiant man.
پس صفات آدمی شد آن جماد بر فراز عرش پران گشت شاد
Hence that inanimate matter (rain and sunlight) was turned into human qualities and soared joyously above the empyrean,
کز جهان زنده ز اول آمدیم باز از پستی سوی بالا شدیم
Saying, “We came at first from the living world, and have (now) gone back from below to above.”
جمله اجزا در تحرک در سکون ناطقان که انا الیه راجعون
All particles (of phenomenal being), (whether) in movement (or) at rest, are speakers (and declare): “Verily, to Him we are returning.”
ذکر و تسبیحات اجزای نهان غلغلی افکند اندر آسمان
The praises and glorifications of the hidden particles have filled Heaven with an uproar.
چون قضا آهنگ نارنجات کرد روستایی شهریی را مات کرد
When the Decree (of God) set out to (use) enchantments, the countryman checkmated a townsman.
با هزاران حزم خواجه مات شد زان سفر در معرض آفات شد
Notwithstanding thousands of (good) resolutions, the Khwája was checkmated, and from that journey (which he undertook) he fell into the midst of calamities.
اعتمادش بر ثبات خویش بود گرچه که بد نیم سیلش در ربود
His reliance was upon his own firmness, (but) though he was (as) a mountain, a half-flood swept him away.
چون قضا بیرون کند از چرخ سر عاقلان گردند جمله کور و کر
When the Decree puts forth its head from Heaven, all the intelligent become blind and deaf;
ماهیان افتند از دریا برون دام گیرد مرغ پران را زبون
Fishes are cast out of the sea; the snare catches miserably the flying bird.
تا پری و دیو در شیشه شود بلک هاروتی به بابل در رود
Even genie and demon go into the bottle; nay, a Hárút goes into (the pit of) Babylon.
جز کسی کاندر قضا اندر گریخت خون او را هیچ تربیعی نریخت
(All are lost) except that one who has taken refuge with the Decree: his blood no (astrological) quadrature (ever) shed.
غیر آن که در گریزی در قضا هیچ حیله ندهدت از وی رها
Except that you take refuge with the Decree, no contrivance will give you release from it.




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