Resuming the story of Daqúqí

Resuming the story of Daqúqí. بازگشتن به قصه‌ی دقوقی

آن دقوقی رحمة الله علیه گفت سافرت مدی فی خافقیه
That Daqúqí, God have mercy on him, said: “I travelled a long time between His two horizons.
سال و مه رفتم سفر از عشق ماه بی‌خبر از راه حیران در اله
Years and months I went on my journey for love of the Moon, unconscious of the way, lost in God.”
پا برهنه می‌روی بر خار و سنگ گفت من حیرانم و بی خویش و دنگ
(Some one asked him), “(Why) dost thou go bare-foot over thorns and stones?” He said, “I am bewildered and beside myself and crazed.”
تو مبین این پایها را بر زمین زانک بر دل می‌رود عاشق یقین
Do not regard these feet (that walk) on the earth, for assuredly the lover (of God) walks on his heart;
از ره و منزل ز کوتاه و دراز دل چه داند کوست مست دل‌نواز
(And) the heart that is intoxicated with the Sweetheart, what should it know of road and stage or of short (distance) and long?
آن دراز و کوته اوصاف تنست رفتن ارواح دیگر رفتنست
That “long” and “short” are attributes of the body: the faring of spirits is another (kind of) faring.
تو سفرکردی ز نطفه تا بعقل نه بگامی بود نه منزل نه نقل
You have journeyed from the seed to rationality: ’twas not by (taking) a step or (travelling from stage to) stage or moving from one place to another.
سیر جان بی چون بود در دور و دیر جسم ما از جان بیاموزید سیر
The journey of the spirit is unconditioned in respect of Time and Space: our body learned from the spirit how to journey.
سیر جسمانه رها کرد او کنون می‌رود بی‌چون نهان در شکل چون
Now it has relinquished the bodily manner of journeying: it moves unconditioned, (though) masked in the form of conditionedness.
گفت روزی می‌شدم مشتاق‌وار تا ببینم در بشر انوار یار
He (Daqúqí) said, “One day I was going along like him that yearns, that I might behold in man the radiance of the Beloved,
تا ببینم قلزمی در قطره‌ای آفتابی درج اندر ذره‌ای
That I might behold an ocean in a drop of water, a sun enclosed in a mote.
چون رسیدم سوی یک ساحل بگام بود بیگه گشته روز و وقت شام
When I came on foot to a certain shore, the day had turned late, and ’twas eventide.




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