How the hare drew back from the lion

How the hare drew back from the lion

How the hare drew back from the lion when he approached the well پای واپس کشیدن خرگوش از شیر چون نزدیک چاه رسید

چون که نزد چاه آمد شیر دید
کز ره آن خرگوش ماند و پا کشید
When the lion came near the well, he saw that the hare lagged on the way and stepped back.
گفت پا واپس کشیدی تو چرا
پای را واپس مکش پیش اندر آ
He said, “Why have you stepped back? Do not step back, come on!”
گفت کو پایم که دست و پای رفت
جان من لرزید و دل از جای رفت‌‌
The hare said, “Where is my (power to move a) foot? for (both) hand and foot are gone. My soul trembles and my heart (courage) has fled.
رنگ رویم را نمی‌‌بینی چو زر
ز اندرون خود می‌‌دهد رنگم خبر
Seest thou not the colour of my face (pale) as gold? My colour indeed is giving knowledge of my inward state.
حق چو سیما را معرف خوانده است
چشم عارف سوی سیما مانده است‌‌
Since God has called the (external) sign (aspect) informative, the eye of the gnostic has remained turned towards the sign.
رنگ و بو غماز آمد چون جرس
از فرس آگه کند بانگ فرس‌‌
Colour and scent are significant like a bell: the neigh of a horse makes (one) acquainted with the horse.
بانگ هر چیزی رساند زو خبر
تا بدانی بانگ خر از بانگ در
The sound made by any thing conveys knowledge of it, so that you may distinguish the bray of an ass from the creak of a door.
گفت پیغمبر به تمییز کسان
مرء مخفی لدی طی اللسان‌‌
Touching the discrimination of persons (one from another), the Prophet said, ‘A man is hidden when his tongue is folded up.’
رنگ رو از حال دل دارد نشان
رحمتم کن مهر من در دل نشان‌‌
The colour of the face indicates the state of the heart: have pity on me, implant love of me in thy heart.
رنگ روی سرخ دارد بانگ شکر
بانگ روی زرد باشد صبر و نکر
A red complexion has the sound of (declares and expresses) thankfulness (satisfaction); the sound (signification) of a pale complexion has the sound (signification) of patience.
در من آمد آن که دست و پا برد
رنگ رو و قوت و سیما برد
There has come upon me that which takes away hand and foot, takes away colour of face and strength and (every outward) mark;
آن که در هر چه در آید بشکند
هر درخت از بیخ و بن او بر کند
That which shatters every thing it comes upon, tears up every tree from root and bottom;
در من آمد آن که از وی گشت مات
آدمی و جانور جامد نبات‌‌
There has come upon me that by which man and animal, mineral and plant have been checkmated.
این خود اجزایند کلیات از او
زرد کرده رنگ و فاسد کرده بو
These indeed are (only) parts, (but) wholes (too) are by him (Doom) made yellow in hue and corrupt in odour,
تا جهان گه صابر است و گه شکور
بوستان گه حله پوشد گاه عور
So that the world is now patient, now thankful; the garden now puts on a robe (of verdure) and again is bare.
آفتابی کاو بر آید نارگون
ساعتی دیگر شود او سر نگون‌‌
The sun, which rises fire-coloured, at another hour sinks headlong.
اختران تافته بر چار طاق
لحظه لحظه مبتلای احتراق‌‌
Stars shining in the four quarters (of the sky) are, from time to time, afflicted with (consumed by) burning.
ماه کاو افزود ز اختر در جمال
شد ز رنج دق او همچون خیال‌‌
The moon, which excels the stars in beauty, becomes like a phantom from the malady of a hectic fever.
این زمین با سکون با ادب
اندر آرد زلزله‌‌ش در لرز تب‌‌
This earth, quiet and controlled, is thrown by earthquakes into feverish tremors.
ای بسا که زین بلای مرده‌‌ریگ
گشته است اندر جهان او خرد و ریگ‌‌
Oh, from this inherited woe many a mountain in the world has become tiny fragments and (grains of) sand.
این هوا با روح آمد مقترن
چون قضا آید وبا گشت و عفن‌‌
This air is conjoined with the (vital) spirit, (but) when the Divine destiny comes, it turns pestilential and stinking.
آب خوش کاو روح را همشیره شد
در غدیری زرد و تلخ و تیره شد
The sweet water that was a sister (congenial) to the spirit, (after standing) in a pool, became yellow and bitter and turbid.
آتشی کاو باد دارد در بروت
هم یکی بادی بر او خواند یموت‌‌
The fire that has wind in its moustache—a single puff of wind calls death upon it.
حال دریا ز اضطراب و جوش او
فهم کن تبدیلهای هوش او
The state of the sea (is such that) from its agitation and commotion (you may) perceive the changes of its mind.
چرخ سر گردان که اندر جستجوست
حال او چون حال فرزندان اوست‌‌
The whirling heaven, which is (ever engaged) in seeking and searching its state is like the state of its children;
گه حضیض و گه میانه گاه اوج
اندر او از سعد و نحسی فوج فوج‌‌
Now nadir, now middle, now zenith: therein are host on host of stars fortunate and unlucky.
از خود ای جزوی ز کلها مختلط
فهم می‌‌کن حالت هر منبسط
From thyself, O part made up of wholes, apprehend the state of every simple (uncompounded) thing.
چون که کلیات را رنج است و درد
جزو ایشان چون نباشد روی زرد
Inasmuch as wholes suffer grief and pain, how should their part not be pale-faced (sick and subject to decay)?
خاصه جزوی کاو ز اضداد است جمع
ز آب و خاک و آتش و باد است جمع‌‌
Especially a part which is composed of contraries of water and earth and fire and air.
این عجب نبود که میش از گرگ جست
این عجب کاین میش دل در گرگ بست‌‌
It is no wonder that the sheep recoiled from the wolf; the wonder is that this sheep set its heart on (became friendly with) the wolf.
زندگانی آشتی ضدهاست
مرگ آن کاندر میانشان جنگ خاست‌‌
Life is the peace (harmony) of contraries; death is the fact that war arose between them.
لطف حق این شیر را و گور را
الف داده ست این دو ضد دور را
The grace of God has given amity to this lion and wild-ass— these two far distant contraries.
چون جهان رنجور و زندانی بود
چه عجب رنجور اگر فانی بود
Since the world is sick and a prisoner, what wonder if the sick one is passing away?”
خواند بر شیر او از این رو پندها
گفت من پس مانده‌‌ام زین بندها
From this point of view he (the hare) recited counsels to the lion. “I have lagged behind,” said he, “because of these bonds.”




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