How the king asked the man who claimed

How the king asked the man who claimed to be a prophet, saying, “The person who is a true Messenger (of God) and becomes established (as such) what has he to give to any one, or what gifts will people obtain by consorting with him and serving him, except the counsel which he utters with his tongue?” پرسیدن آن پادشاه از آن مدعی نبوت کی آنک رسول راستین باشد و ثابت شود با او چه باشد کی کسی را بخشد یا به صحبت و خدمت او چه بخشش یابند غیر نصیحت به زبان کی می‌گوید

شاه پرسیدش که باری وحی چیست
یا چه حاصل دارد آن کس کو نبیست
The king questioned him, saying, “After all, what is inspiration, or what has he got who is a prophet?”
گفت خود آن چیست کش حاصل نشد
یا چه دولت ماند کو واصل نشد
He replied, “What is there indeed that he has not got, or what fortune is left whereunto he has not attained?
گیرم این وحی نبی گنجور نیست
هم کم از وحی دل زنبور نیست
I will suppose (for argument’s sake) that this prophetic inspiration is not a treasurer (of Divine Revelations); still, it is not inferior to the inspiration in the heart of the bee.
چونک او حی الرب الی النحل آمدست
خانه‌ی وحیش پر از حلوا شدست
Since (the words) God hath inspired the bee have come (in the Qur’án), the dwelling-place of its (the bee’s) inspiration has been filled with sweets.
او به نور وحی حق عزوجل
کرد عالم را پر از شمع و عسل
Through the light of the inspiration of God the Almighty and Glorious, it filled the world with wax and honey.
این که کرمناست و بالا می‌رود
وحیش از زنبور کمتر کی بود
This one who is (the object of) We have honoured (the sons of Adam)and is ever going upward how should his inspiration be inferior to (that of) the bee?”
نه تو اعطیناک کوثر خوانده‌ای
پس چرا خشکی و تشنه مانده‌ای
Have not you read (the words) We have given thee Kawthar? Why, then, are you dry and why have you remained thirsty?
یا مگر فرعونی و کوثر چو نیل
بر تو خون گشتست و ناخوش ای علیل
Or perchance you are (like) Pharaoh, and for you Kawthar, like the Nile, has turned to blood and (become) impure, O sick man.
توبه کن بیزار شو از هر عدو
کو ندارد آب کوثر در کدو
Repent, renounce every enemy (of God) who hath not the water of Kawthar in his cup.
هر کرا دیدی ز کوثر سرخ‌رو
او محمدخوست با او گیر خو
Whomsoever you see flushed (with joy) by Kawthar, he hath the nature of Mohammed: consort with him,
تا احب لله آیی در حساب
کز درخت احمدی با اوست سیب
That at the Reckoning you may become (one of those who) love for God’s sake; for with him are apples from the tree of Ahmad (Mohammed).
هر کرا دیدی ز کوثر خشک لب
دشمنش می‌دار هم‌چون مرگ و تب
Whomsoever you see with lips unmoistened by Kawthar, always deem him an enemy like death and fever,
گر چه بابای توست و مام تو
کو حقیقت هست خون‌آشام تو
Though ’tis your father or your mother; for in truth he is a drinker of your blood.
از خلیل حق بیاموز این سیر
که شد او بیزار اول از پدر
Learn these ways of acting from the Friend of God (Abraham), who first renounced his father,
تا که ابغض لله آیی پیش حق
تا نگیرد بر تو رشک عشق دق
That in the presence of God you may become (one of those who) hate for God’s sake, lest the jealousy of (Divine) Love take offence at you.
تا نخوانی لا و الا الله را
در نیابی منهج این راه را
Until you recite “(There is) not (any god)” and “except Allah,” you will not find the plain track of this Way.




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