How the lion answered the hare

How the lion answered the hare and set off with him جواب گفتن شیر خرگوش را و روان شدن با او

گفت بسم الله بیا تا او کجاست
پیش در شو گر همی‌‌گویی تو راست‌‌
“Come on in God’s name,” said he, “let me see where he is! Go thou in front, if thou art speaking truth,
تا سزای او و صد چون او دهم
ور دروغ است این سزای تو دهم‌‌
That I may give him and a hundred like him the punishment they deserve, or if this is a lie, that I may give thy deserts to thee.”
اندر آمد چون قلاووزی به پیش
تا برد او را به سوی دام خویش‌‌
The hare set out on the way, (going) in front like a guide, that he might lead him towards his snare,
سوی چاهی کاو نشانش کرده بود
چاه مغ را دام جانش کرده بود
Towards the well which he had designated: he had made the deep well a snare for his (the lion’s) life.
می‌‌شدند این هر دو تا نزدیک چاه
اینت خرگوشی چو آبی زیر کاه‌‌ 1185
(Thus) were these twain going till (they arrived) near the well. Look, you, (this was) a hare (deceitful) as a (pool of) water (hidden) under straw.
آب کاهی را به هامون می‌‌برد
آب کوهی را عجب چون می‌‌برد
The water bears a blade of straw (down) to the plain: ’tis wonderful how the water bear away a mountain.
دام مکر او کمند شیر بود
طرفه خرگوشی که شیری می‌‌ربود
The snare of his (the hare’s) guile was a noose for the lion: a marvellous hare (he), who was carrying off a lion (as his prey)!
موسیی فرعون را با رود نیل
می‌‌کشد با لشکر و جمع ثقیل‌‌
A Moses kills Pharaoh, with his army and mighty host, by means of the river Nile;
پشه‌‌ای نمرود را با نیم پر
می‌‌شکافد بی‌‌محابا درز سر
A single gnat with half a wing cleaves intrepidly the suture of Nimrod’s skull.
حال آن کاو قول دشمن را شنود
بین جزای آن که شد یار حسود
Behold the state of him who hearkened to the words of his enemy, and the retribution of him who became the friend of the envious one
حال فرعونی که هامان را شنود
حال نمرودی که شیطان را شنود
The state of a Pharaoh who hearkened to Haman, and the state of a Nimrod who hearkened to Satan.
دشمن ار چه دوستانه گویدت
دام دان گر چه ز دانه گویدت‌‌
Albeit the enemy speak to thee in friendly wise, know (his words to be) the snare, though he speak to thee of the grain (bait).
گر ترا قندی دهد آن زهر دان
گر به تن لطفی کند آن قهر دان‌‌
If he give thee some candy, regard it as poison; if he do a kindness to thy body, regard it as cruelty.
چون قضا آید نبینی غیر پوست
دشمنان را باز نشناسی ز دوست‌‌
When the (Divine) destiny comes to pass, you see naught but the skin (outward appearance): you do not distinguish enemies from friends.
چون چنین شد ابتهال آغاز کن
ناله و تسبیح و روزه ساز کن‌‌
Since the case is thus, begin humble supplication; set about lamenting and glorifying (God) and fasting.
ناله می‌‌کن کای تو علام الغیوب
زیر سنگ مکر بد ما را مکوب‌‌
Lament continually, crying, “O Thou who well knowest the hidden things, do not crush us beneath the stone of evil contrivance.
گر سگی کردیم ای شیر آفرین
شیر را مگمار بر ما زین کمین‌‌
O Creator of the lion, if we have wrought currishness, do not set the lion (to spring) on us from this covert.
آب خوش را صورت آتش مده
اندر آتش صورت آبی منه‌‌
Do not give to sweet water the form of fire, do not put upon fire the form of water.
از شراب قهر چون مستی دهی
نیستها را صورت هستی دهی‌‌
When Thou makest (us) drunken with the wine of Thy wrath, Thou givest to things non-existent the form of existence.”
چیست مستی بند چشم از دید چشم
تا نماید سنگ گوهر پشم یشم‌‌
What is (this) drunkenness? That which binds (prevents) the eye from (true) eyesight, so that a (common) stone appears a jewel, and wool (pashm) a jasper (yashm).
چیست مستی حسها مبدل شدن
چوب گز اندر نظر صندل شدن‌‌
What is (this) drunkenness? The perversion of the senses, the change of tamarisk-wood into sandal-wood in the (perverted) sight.




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