How the lion made the ass his prey

How the lion made the ass his prey, and being thirsty after his exertions went to the spring to drink. Before his return the fox had eaten the liver together with the lungs, heart, and kidneys, which are the choicest parts. The lion looked for the heart and liver, and when he did not find them asked the fox where they were. The fox replied, “If he had possessed a heart and liver, how should he have come back to thee after receiving such a stern lesson on that day and (only) saving his life by means of a thousand devices?” “If we had hearkened or considered with understanding we should not have been among the fellows of Hell-fire.” صید کردن شیر آن خر را و تشنه شدن شیر از کوشش رفت به چشمه تا آب خورد تا باز آمدن شیر جگربند و دل و گرده را روباه خورده بود کی لطیفترست شیر طلب کرد دل و جگر نیافت از روبه پرسید کی کو دل و جگر روبه گفت اگر او را دل و جگر بودی آنچنان سیاستی دیده بود آن روز و به هزار حیله جان برده کی بر تو باز آمدی لوکنا نسمع او نعقل ماکنا فی اصحاب السعیر

برد خر را روبهک تا پیش شیر پاره‌پاره کردش آن شیر دلیر
The little fox brought the ass into the presence of the lion: the courageous lion tore him to pieces.
تشنه شد از کوشش آن سلطان دد رفت سوی چشمه تا آبی خورد
The King of the Beasts was made thirsty by his exertions and went to the spring to drink some water. 
روبهک خورد آن جگربند و دلش آن زمان چون فرصتی شد حاصلش
Meanwhile the little fox, having got an opportunity, ate his (the ass’s) liver, lungs, and heart.
شیر چون وا گشت از چشمه به خور جست در خر دل نه دل بد نه جگر
When the lion returned from the spring to eat (his prey), he looked in the ass to find the heart, (but) there was neither heart nor liver.
گفت روبه را جگر کو دل چه شد که نباشد جانور را زین دو بد
He said to the fox, “Where is the liver? What has become of the heart?—for no animal can do without these two (organs).”
گفت گر بودی ورا دل یا جگر کی بدینجا آمدی بار دگر
He (the fox) replied, “If he had possessed a heart or liver, how should he have come here a second time?
آن قیامت دیده بود و رستخیز وآن ز کوه افتادن و هول و گریز
He had experienced that tremendous agony and turmoil, the scramble down the mountain, the terror, and the flight;
گر جگر بودی ورا یا دل بدی بار دیگر کی بر تو آمدی
If he had had a liver or heart, how could he have come a second time into thy presence?”
چون نباشد نور دل دل نیست آن چون نباشد روح جز گل نیست آن
When there is no light in the heart, ’tis no heart; when there is no spirit (in the body), ’tis naught but earth.
آن زجاجی کو ندارد نور جان بول و قاروره‌ست قندیلش مخوان
The (heart resembling) glass that hath no spiritual light is (like) urine and the urine-phial: do not call it a lamp.
نور مصباحست داد ذوالجلال صنعت خلقست آن شیشه و سفال
The light in the lamp is the gift of the Almighty; the glass and earthenware (vessels) are His creatures’ handiwork.
لاجرم در ظرف باشد اعتداد ر لهبها نبود الا اتحاد
Necessarily in respect of the vessels there is number, (but) in respect of the flames (of light) there is naught but unity.
نور شش قندیل چون آمیختند نیست اندر نورشان اعداد و چند
When the light of six lamps is mingled together, there is no number and plurality in their light.
آن جهود از ظرفها مشرک شده‌ست نور دید آن ممن و مدرک شده‌ست
The Jew has become a polytheist from (regarding) the vessels; the true believer regarded the light and (consequently) has become endowed with (spiritual) perception.
چون نظر بر ظرف افتد روح را پس دو بیند شیث را و نوح را
When the sight falls upon the spirit’s vessel, it regards Seth and Noah as being two.
جو که آبش هست جو خود آن بود آدمی آنست کو را جان بود
When there is water in it (the canal), (only then) is it (really) a canal: the (real) man is he that hath the spirit (within him).
این نه مردانند اینها صورتند مرده‌ی نانند و کشته‌ی شهوتند
These (others) are not men, they are (mere) forms: they are dead with (desire for) bread and killed by appetite.




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