How the man yielded to his wife’s request

How the man yielded to his wife’s request that he should seek the means of livelihood, and regarded her opposition (to him) as a Divine indication. (Verse): To the mind of every knowing man it is a fact that with the revolving object there is one that causes it to revolve تسلیم کردن مرد خود را به آن چه التماس زن بود از طلب معیشت و آن اعتراض زن را اشارت حق دانستن: بنزد عقل هر داننده‌‌ای هست که با گردنده گرداننده‌‌ای هست‌‌

مرد ز آن گفتن پشیمان شد چنان
کز عوانی ساعت مردن عوان‌‌
The man became as sorry for that speech (of his) as at the hour of death a tyrannical officer (is sorry) for his tyranny.
گفت خصم جان جان چون آمدم
بر سر جان من لگدها چون زدم‌‌
He said, “How did I become the adversary of (her who is) the life of my soul? How did I bestow kicks on the head of my soul?”
چون قضا آید فرو پوشد بصر
تا نداند عقل ما پا را ز سر
When the (Divine) destiny comes, it muffles the sight, so that our intellect cannot distinguish foot from head.
چون قضا بگذشت خود را می‌‌خورد
پرده بدریده گریبان می‌‌درد
As soon as the destiny is past, it (the intellect) devours itself (with grief): rending the veil (without regard for appearances), it tears its bosom.
مرد گفت ای زن پشیمان می‌‌شوم
گر بدم کافر مسلمان می‌‌شوم‌‌
The man said, “O wife, I am repenting: if I have been an infidel, I will (now) become a Moslem.
من گنه‌‌کارم توام رحمی بکن
بر مکن یک بارگیم از بیخ و بن‌‌
I am a sinner against thee: have mercy, do not dig me up all at once from root and foundation (do not bring me to utter ruin).”
کافر پیر ار پشیمان می‌‌شود
چون که عذر آرد مسلمان می‌‌شود
If the old infidel is repenting, he becomes a Moslem when he pleads for pardon.
حضرت پر رحمت است و پر کرم
عاشق او هم وجود و هم عدم‌‌
He (God) is the merciful and bountiful Lord: both existence and non-existence are in love with Him.
کفر و ایمان عاشق آن کبریا
مس و نقره بنده‌‌ی آن کیمیا
(Both) infidelity and faith are lovers of that Majesty, both copper and silver are slaves to that Elixir.




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