How the mouth remained awry

How the mouth remained awry of a man who pronounced the name of Mohammed, on whom be peace, derisively کج ماندن دهان آن مرد که نام محمد را علیه السلام به تسخر خواند

آن دهان کژ کرد و از تسخر بخواند
مر محمد را دهانش کژ بماند
He made his mouth wry and called (the name of) Mohammed in derision: his mouth remained awry.
باز آمد کای محمد عفو کن
ای ترا الطاف و علم من لدن‌‌
He came back, saying, “Pardon me, O Mohammed, O thou to whom belong the (Divine) favours and knowledge (derived) immediately from God.
من ترا افسوس می‌‌کردم ز جهل
من بدم افسوس را منسوب و اهل‌‌
In my folly I was ridiculing thee, (but) I myself was related to ridicule and deserving it.”
چون خدا خواهد که پرده‌‌ی کس درد
میلش اندر طعنه‌‌ی پاکان برد
When God wishes to rend the veil of any one (expose him to shame), He turns his inclination towards reviling holy men.
چون خدا خواهد که پوشد عیب کس
کم زند در عیب معیوبان نفس‌‌
And if God wishes to hide the blame of any one, he (that person) does not breathe a word of blame against the blameworthy.
چون خدا خواهد که‌‌مان یاری کند
میل ما را جانب زاری کند
When God wishes to help us, He turns our inclination towards humble lament.
ای خنک چشمی که آن گریان اوست
وی همایون دل که آن بریان اوست‌‌
Oh, happy the eye that is weeping for His sake! Oh, fortunate the heart that is seared for His sake!
آخر هر گریه آخر خنده‌‌ای است
مرد آخر بین مبارک بنده‌‌ای است‌‌
The end of every weeping is laughter at last; the man who foresees the end is a blessed servant (of God).
هر کجا آب روان سبزه بود
هر کجا اشک روان رحمت شود
Wherever is flowing water, there is greenery: wherever are running tears, (the Divine) mercy is shown.
باش چون دولاب نالان چشم تر
تا ز صحن جانت بر روید خضر
Be moaning and moist-eyed like the water-wheel, that green herbs may spring up from the courtyard of your soul.
اشک خواهی رحم کن بر اشک بار
رحم خواهی بر ضعیفان رحم آر
If you desire tears, have mercy on one who sheds tears; if you desire mercy, show mercy to the weak.


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