How the lover answered those who scolded

How the lover answered those who scolded and threatened him.جواب گفتن عاشق عاذلان را وتهدید کنندگان را

گفت من مستسقیم آبم کشد گرچه می‌دانم که هم آبم کشد
He said, “I am dropsical: the water draws me, though I know that the water too will kill me.
هیچ مستقسقی بنگریزد ز آب گر دو صد بارش کند مات و خراب
None afflicted with dropsy will flee from the water, even if it checkmate and ruin him two hundred times.
گر بیاماسد مرا دست و شکم عشق آب از من نخواهد گشت کم
If my hands and belly become swollen, (yet) the passionate desire for the water will not abate (and depart) from me.
گویم آنگه که بپرسند از بطون کاشکی بحرم روان بودی درون
At the time when they ask me of my inward state, I say, ‘Would that the Sea were flowing within me!’
خیک اشکم گو بدر از موج آب گر بمیرم هست مرگم مستطاب
Let the water-skin, my belly, be burst by the waves of the water: if I die, my death is acceptable.
من بهر جایی که بینم آب جو رشکم آید بودمی من جای او
Wherever I see the water of a stream, jealousy comes over me (and I wish) that I might be in its place.
دست چون دف و شکم همچون دهل طبل عشق آب می‌کوبم چو گل
(With) hands (swollen) like a tambourine and belly like a drum, I am beating the drum of (I am proclaiming) my love for the water, as the rose (does).
گر بریزد خونم آن روح الامین جرعه جرعه خون خورم همچون زمین
If that Trusty Spirit spill my blood, I will drink draught on draught of blood, like the earth.
چون زمین وچون جنین خون‌خواره‌ام تا که عاشق گشته‌ام این کاره‌ام
I am a blood-drinker, like the earth and like the embryo: (ever) since I became a lover I am (engaged) in this trade.
شب همی‌جوشم در آتش همچو دیگ روز تا شب خون خورم مانند ریگ
During the night I boil on the fire, like a kettle; (all) day till nightfall I drink blood, like the sand.
من پشیمانم که مکر انگیختم از مراد خشم او بگریختم
I repent that I set contrivance afoot (in order to escape) and fled from that which his anger desired.
گو بران بر جان مستم خشم خویش عید قربان اوست و عاشق گاومیش
Let him drive on (let him not restrain) his anger against my intoxicated soul: he is the Feast of the Sacrifice, and the lover is the buffalo (for slaughter).
گاو اگر خسپد وگر چیزی خورد بهر عید و ذبح او می‌پرورد
Whether the buffalo sleep or whether it eat something, he nurtures (fattens) it for the Feast and the slaughter.
گاو موسی دان مرا جان داده‌ای جزو جزوم حشر هر آزاده‌ای
Deem me to be (as) the cow of Moses that gave up its life: each limb of me is the (means of) raising from the dead every one that is (spiritually) free.
گاو موسی بود قربان گشته‌ای کمترین جزوش حیات کشته‌ای
The cow of Moses was one offered in sacrifice: her smallest limb brought a murdered man to life.
برجهید آن کشته ز آسیبش ز جا در خطاب اضربوه بعضها
At its touch the murdered man sprang up from his place at the words spoken (by God), Strike him with part of her.
یا کرامی اذبحوا هذا البقر ان اردتم حشر ارواح النظر
O my noble (friends), slaughter this cow (the fleshly soul), if ye desire to raise to life the spirits (possessed) of insight.
از جمادی مردم و نامی شدم وز نما مردم به حیوان برزدم
I died to the inorganic state and became endowed with growth, and (then) I died to (vegetable) growth and attained to the animal.
مردم از حیوانی و آدم شدم پس چه ترسم کی ز مردن کم شدم
I died from animality and became Adam (man): why, then, should I fear? When have I become less by dying?
حمله‌ی دیگر بمیرم از بشر تا بر آرم از ملایک پر و سر
At the next remove I shall die to man, that I may soar and lift up my head amongst the angels;
وز ملک هم بایدم جستن ز جو کل شیء هالک الا وجهه
And I must escape even from (the state of) the angel:everything is perishing except His Face.
بار دیگر از ملک قربان شوم آنچ اندر وهم ناید آن شوم
Once more I shall be sacrificed and die to the angel: I shall become that which enters not into the imagination.
پس عدم گردم عدم چون ارغنون گویدم که انا الیه راجعون
Then I shall become non-existence: non-existence saith to me, (in tones loud) as an organ, Verily, unto Him shall we return.
مرگ دان آنک اتفاق امتست کاب حیوانی نهان در ظلمتست
Know death to be (the thing signified by) what the (Mohammedan) community are agreed upon, namely, that the Water of Life is hidden in the (Land of) Darkness.
همچو نیلوفر برو زین طرف جو همچو مستسقی حریص و مرگ‌جو
Grow from this river-bank, like the water-lily, greedy and craving for death as the sufferer from dropsy.
مرگ او آبست و او جویای آب می‌خورد والله اعلم بالصواب
The water is death to him, and (yet) he is seeking the water and drinking it and God best knoweth the right course.
ای فسرده عاشق ننگین نمد کو ز بیم جان ز جانان می‌رمد
Oh, the cold lover, clad in the felt (garment) of shame, who from fear of (losing) his life is fleeing from the Beloved!
سوی تیغ عشقش ای ننگ زنان صد هزاران جان نگر دستک‌زنان
O thou disgrace (even) to women, behold hundreds of thousands of souls clapping their hands (and rushing) towards the sword of His love!
جوی دیدی کوزه اندر جوی ریز آب را از جوی کی باشد گریز
Thou hast seen the river: spill thy jug in the river: how should the water take flight from the river?
آب کوزه چون در آب جو شود محو گردد در وی و جو او شود
When the water in the jug goes into the river-water, it disappears in it, and it becomes the river.
وصف او فانی شد و ذاتش بقا زین سپس نه کم شود نه بدلقا
His (the lover’s) attributes have passed away, and his essence remains: after this, he does not dwindle or become ill-favoured.
خویش را بر نخل او آویختم عذر آن را که ازو بگریختم
I have hanged myself on His palm-tree in excuse for having fled from Him.”




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