How the people of Noah uttered similitudes

How the people of Noah uttered similitudes derisively at the time of his building the Ark مثلها زدن قوم نوح باستهزا در زمان کشتی ساختن

نوح اندر بادیه کشتی بساخت صد مثل‌گو از پی تسخیر بتاخت
Noah built an Ark in the desert : a hundred speakers of parables ran up to ridicule (him).
در بیابانی که چاه آب نیست می‌کند کشتی چه نادان و ابلهیست
He is making a ship (Ark) in the desert where no well of water exists: what an ignorant fool he is!”
آن یکی می‌گفت ای کشتی بتاز و آن یکی می‌گفت پرش هم بساز
One was saying, “O ship, run!” while another said, “Make wings for it too”
او همی‌گفت این به فرمان خداست این بچربکها نخواهد گشت کاست
He (Noah) said, “This is by the command of God: this will not be defeated by jeers.”




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