Explaining that it is not seemly

Explaining that it is not seemly for every one to adduce parables, especially concerning Divine actions. بیان آنک هر کس را نرسد مثل آوردن خاصه در کار الهی

کی رسدتان این مثلها ساختن سوی آن درگاه پاک انداختن
How is it seemly for you to make these similitudes and cast them at (apply them to) that holy Court?
آن مثل آوردن آن حضرتست که بعلم سر و جهر او آیتست
That use of similitudes belongs to the Lord, for He is the (sole) authority for the knowledge of the hidden and the manifest.
تو چه دانی سر چیزی تا تو کل یا به زلفی یا به رخ آری مثل
What dost thou know of the hidden nature of anything, that thou, baldpate, shouldst use a lock of hair or a cheek as similitudes?
موسیی آن را عصا دید و نبود اژدها بد سر او لب می‌گشود
A Moses deemed that (wood) a rod, but it was not (a rod): it was a dragon: its hidden nature was opening its lips (revealing itself).
چون چنان شاهی نداند سر چوب تو چه دانی سر این دام و حبوب
Inasmuch as such a (spiritual) king knows not the hidden nature of wood, how shouldst thou know the hidden nature of this snare and bait?
چون غلط شد چشم موسی در مثل چون کند موشی فضولی مدخل
Since the eye of Moses was at fault in the similitude, how should a meddling mouse find an entrance (to perception of the truth)?
آن مثالت را چو اژدرها کند تا به پاسخ جزو جزوت بر کند
He (God) will make that comparison of thine a dragon, that in answer it may tear thee to pieces.
این مثال آورد ابلیس لعین تا که شد ملعون حق تا یوم دین
The accursed Iblís used this (kind of) comparison, so that he fell under God’s curse till the Day of Judgement.
این مثال آورد قارون از لجاج تا فرو شد در زمین با تخت و تاج
Qárún (Korah) from contumacy used this (kind of) comparison, so that he sank down into the earth with his throne and diadem.
این مثالت را چو زاغ و بوم دان که ازیشان پست شد صد خاندان
Know that this comparison of thine is like crows and owls by which a hundred households are laid low.




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