How the people went forth

How the people went forth to that tree. برون رفتن به سوی آن درخت

چون برون رفتند سوی آن درخت گفت دستش را سپس بندید سخت
When they went forth to that tree, he (David) said, “Tie his hands fast behind him,
تا گناه و جرم او پیدا کنم تا لوای عدل بر صحرا زنم
In order that I may bring to light his sin and crime, and may plant the banner of justice on the field.
گفت ای سگ جد او را کشته‌ای تو غلامی خواجه زین رو گشته‌ای
O dog,” said he, “you have killed his grandfather. You are a slave: by this means you have become a lord.
خواجه را کشتی و بردی مال او کرد یزدان آشکارا حال او
You killed your master and carried off his property: God bath made manifest what happened to him.
آن زنت او را کنیزک بوده است با همین خواجه جفا بنموده است
Your wife was his handmaid; she has acted unjustly towards this same master.
هر چه زو زایید ماده یا که نر ملک وارث باشد آنها سر بسر
Whatever (children) she bore to him, female or male all of them from beginning to end are the property of the (master’s) heir.
تو غلامی کسب و کارت ملک اوست شرع جستی شرع بستان رو نکوست
You are a slave: your gains and goods are his property. You demanded the Law: take the Law and go: ‘tis well.
خواجه را کشتی باستم زار زار هم برینجا خواجه گویان زینهار
You killed your master miserably by violence, (whilst) your master was crying for mercy on this very spot.
کارد از اشتاب کردی زیر خاک از خیالی که بدیدی سهمناک
In your haste you hid the knife under the soil, because of the terrible apparition which you beheld.
نک سرش با کارد در زیر زمین باز کاوید این زمین را همچنین
Lo, his head together with the knife is under the soil! Dig ye back the soil, thus!
نام این سگ هم نبشته کارد بر کرد با خواجه چنین مکر و ضرر
On the knife, too, the name of this dog is written, (who) dealt with his master so deceitfully and injuriously.”
همچنان کردند چون بشکافتند در زمین آن کارد و سر را یافتند
They did even so (as he ordered), and when they cleft (the earth) they found in the soil the knife and the head.
ولوله در خلق افتاد آن زمان هر یکی زنار ببرید از میان
Thereupon tumultuous lamentation arose amongst the people:every one severed the girdle (of unbelief) from his waist.
بعد از آن گفتش بیا ای دادخواه داد خود بستان بدان روی سیاه
Alter that, he (David) said to him (the murderer), “Come,O demander of justice, (and) with that black face (of yours) receive the justice due to you!’




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