How the prisoners laid a complaint

How the prisoners laid a complaint of the insolvent’s high-handedness before the agent of the Cadi. شکایت کردن اهل زندان پیش وکیل قاضی از دست آن مفلس

با وکیل قاضی ادراک‏مند
اهل زندان در شکایت آمدند
The prisoners came to complain to the Cadi’s agent, (who was) possessed of discernment,
که سلام ما به قاضی بر کنون
باز گو آزار ما زین مرد دون‏
Saying, “Take now our salutations to the Cadi and relate (to him) the sufferings inflicted on us by this vile man;
کاندر این زندان بماند او مستمر
یاوه تاز و طبل‏خوار است و مضر
For he has remained in this prison continuously, and he is an idle gad-about, a lickspittle, and a nuisance.
چون مگس حاضر شود در هر طعام
از وقاحت بی‏صلا و بی‏سلام‏
Like a fly, he impudently appears at every meal without invitation and without salaam.
پیش او هیچ است لوت شصت کس
کر کند خود را اگر گوییش بس‏
To him the food of sixty persons is nothing; he feigns himself deaf if you say to him, ‘Enough!’
مرد زندان را نیاید لقمه‏ای
ور به صد حیلت گشاید طعمه‏ای‏
No morsel reaches the (ordinary) man in prison, or if by means of a hundred contrivances he discover some food,
در زمان پیش آید آن دوزخ گلو
حجتش این که خدا گفتا کلوا
That hell-throat at once comes forward (with) this (as) his argument, that God has said, ‘Eat ye.’
زین چنین قحط سه ساله داد داد
ظل مولانا ابد پاینده باد
Justice, justice against such a three years’ famine! May the shadow of our lord endure for ever!
یا ز زندان تا رود این گاومیش
یا وظیفه کن ز وقفی لقمه‏ایش‏
Either let this buffalo go from prison, or make him a regular allowance of food from a trust-fund.
ای ز تو خوش هم ذکور و هم اناث
داد کن المستغاث المستغاث‏
O thou by whom both males and females are (made) happy, do justice! Thy help is invoked and besought.”
سوی قاضی شد وکیل با نمک
گفت با قاضی شکایت یک به یک‏
The courteous agent went to the Cadi and related the complaint to him point by point.
خواند او را قاضی از زندان به پیش
پس تفحص کرد از اعیان خویش‏
The Cadi called him (the insolvent) from the prison into his presence, and (then) inquired (about him) from his own officers.
گشت ثابت پیش قاضی آن همه
که نمودند از شکایت آن رمه‏
All the complaints which that flock (of prisoners) had set forth were proved to the Cadi.
گفت قاضی خیز از این زندان برو
سوی خانه‏ی مرده‏ریگ خویش شو
The Cadi said (to him), “Get up and depart from this prison: go to the house which is your inherited property.”
گفت خان و مان من احسان تست
همچو کافر جنتم زندان تست‏
He replied, “My house and home consist in thy beneficence; as (in the case of) an infidel, thy prison is my Paradise.
گر ز زندانم برانی تو به رد
خود بمیرم من ز تقصیری و کد
If thou wilt drive me from the prison and turn me out, verily I shall die of destitution and beggary.”
همچو ابلیسی که می‏گفت ای سلام
رب أنظرنی إلی یوم القیام‏
(He pleaded) like the Devil, who was saying, “O Preserver, O my Lord, grant me a respite till the day of Resurrection;
کاندر این زندان دنیا من خوشم
تا که دشمن زادگان را می‏کشم‏
For I am happy (to be) in the prison of this world, in order that I may be slaying the children of mine enemy,
هر که او را قوت ایمانی بود
و ز برای زاد ره نانی بود
(And), if any one have some food of faith and a single loaf as provision for the journey (to the life hereafter),
می‏ستانم گه به مکر و گه به ریو
تا بر آرند از پشیمانی غریو
I may seize it, now by plot and now by guile, so that in repentance they may raise an outcry (of lamentation);
گه به درویشی کنم تهدیدشان
گه به زلف و خال بندم دیدشان‏
(And in order that) sometimes I may threaten them with poverty, sometimes bind their eyes with (the spell of) tress and mole.”
قوت ایمانی در این زندان کم است
وان که هست از قصد این سگ در خم است‏
In this prison (the world) the food of faith is scarce, and that which exists is in (danger of being caught in) the noose (of destruction) through the attack of this cur.
از نماز و صوم و صد بی‏چارگی
قوت ذوق آید برد یک بارگی‏
(If) from prayer and fasting and a hundred helplessnesses (utter self-abnegations) the food of spiritual feeling come (to any one), he (the Devil) at once carries it off.
أستعیذ الله من شیطانه
قد هلکنا آه من طغیانه‏
I seek refuge with God from His Satan: we have perished, alas, through his overweening disobedience.
یک سگ است و در هزاران می‏رود
هر که در وی رفت او او می‏شود
He is (but) one cur, and he goes into thousands (of people): into whomsoever he goes, he (that person) becomes he (Satan).
هر که سردت کرد می‏دان کاو در اوست
دیو پنهان گشته اندر زیر پوست‏
Whoever makes you cold (damps your spiritual ardour) know that he (Satan) is in him: the Devil has become hidden beneath his skin.
چون نیابد صورت آید در خیال
تا کشاند آن خیالت در وبال‏
When he finds no (bodily) form, he comes into (your) fancy, in order that that fancy may lead you into woe:
گه خیال فرجه و گاهی دکان
گه خیال علم و گاهی خان و مان‏
Now the fancy of recreation, now of the shop; now the fancy of knowledge, and now of house and home.
هان بگو لاحولها اندر زمان
از زبان تنها نه بلک از عین جان‏
Beware! say at once “God help me!” again and again, not with tongue alone but from your very soul.




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