How the magicians from the cities assembled

How the magicians from the cities assembled before Pharaoh and received robes of honour and laid their hands upon their breasts, (pledging themselves) to subdue his enemy (Moses), and saying, “Write this down against us.” جمع آمدن ساحران از مداین پیش فرعون و تشریفها یافتن و دست بر سینه زدن در قهر خصم او کی این بر ما نویس

تا بفرعون آمدند آن ساحران دادشان تشریفهای بس گران
Those magicians came unto Pharaoh, and he gave them robes of honour exceedingly precious.
وعده‌هاشان کرد و پیشین هم بداد بندگان و اسپان و نقد و جنس و زاد
He made promises to them, and also gave them in advance slaves and horses and money and goods and provisions.
بعد از آن می‌گفت هین ای سابقان گر فزون آیید اندر امتحان
After that, he was saying, “Hark, O ye that are foremost (in your art), if ye prove superior in the trial,
برفشانم بر شما چندان عطا که بدرد پرده‌ی جود و سخا
I will scatter over you so many gifts that the veil of bounty and munificence will be rent.”
پس بگفتندش به اقبال تو شاه غالب آییم و شود کارش تباه
Then they said to him, “Through thy fortune, O King, we shall prevail, and his cause shall be ruined.
ما درین فن صفدریم و پهلوان کس ندارد پای ما اندر جهان
We are heroes and champions in this art: no one in the world can resist us.”
ذکر موسی بند خاطرها شدست کین حکایتهاست که پیشین بدست
The mention of Moses has become a chain (obstruction) to the thoughts (of my readers), (for they think) that these are stories (of that) which happened long ago.
ذکر موسی بهر روپوشست لیک نور موسی نقد تست ای مرد نیک
The mention of Moses serves for a mask, but the Light of Moses is thy actual concern, O good man.
موسی و فرعون در هستی تست باید این دو خصم را در خویش جست
Moses and Pharaoh are in thy being: thou must seek these two adversaries in thyself.
تا قیامت هست از موسی نتاج نور دیگر نیست دیگر شد سراج
The (process of) generation from Moses is (continuing) till the Resurrection: the Light is not different, (though) the lamp has become different.
این سفال و این پلیته دیگرست لیک نورش نیست دیگر زان سرست
This earthenware lamp and this wick are different, but its light is not different: it is from Yonder.
گر نظر در شیشه داری گم شوی زانک از شیشه‌ست اعداد دوی
If thou keep looking at the glass (lantern), thou wilt be lost, because from the glass arise the numbers of (the plurality inherent in) dualism;
ور نظر بر نور داری وا رهی از دوی واعداد جسم منتهی
But if thou keep thy gaze (fixed) upon the Light, thou wilt be delivered from dualism and the numbers (plurality) of the finite body.
از نظرگاهست ای مغز وجود اختلاف ممن و گبر و جهود
From the place (object) of view, O (thou who art the) kernel of Existence, there arises the difference between the true believer and the Zoroastrian and the Jew.




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