How the Súfi again questioned the Cadi

How the Súfi again questioned the Cadi. باز سال کردن صوفی از آن قاضی

گفت صوفی که چه بودی کین جهان ابروی رحمت گشادی جاودان
The Súfi said, “How would it be if this world were to unknit the eyebrow of mercy for evermore!
هر دمی شوری نیاوردی به پیش بر نیاوردی ز تلوینهاش نیش
If it were not to bring on some trouble at every moment and produce anguish by its (incessant) changes!
شب ندزدیدی چراغ روز را دی نبردی باغ عیش آموز را
If Night were not to steal the lamp of Day, and i December were not to sweep away the orchard that has learned to delight (in its fresh beauty)!
جام صحت را نبودی سنگ تب آمنی با خوف ناوردی کرب
If there were no stone of fever to shatter the cup of health, and if fear did not bring anxieties for (one’s) safety!
خود چه کم گشتی ز جود و رحمتش گر نبودی خرخشه در نعمتش
How, indeed, would His munificence and mercy be diminished if in His bounty there were no torment?”




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