Parable مثل

آن یکی می‌شد به ره سوی دکان پیش ره را بسته دید او از زنان
A certain man was on the way to his shop (when) he found the road in front of him barred by women.
پای او می‌سوخت از تعجیل و راه بسته از جوق زنان هم‌چو ماه
He was hurrying along hot-foot, and the way was blocked by a crowd of women (beautiful) as the moon.
رو به یک زن کرد و گفت ای مستهان هی چه بسیارید ای دخترچگان
He turned his face to one woman and said, ‘O vile (creature), how numerous you are, little girls, eh!’
رو بدو کرد آن زن و گفت ای امین هیچ بسیاری ما منکر مبین
The woman turned towards him and replied, ‘O man of trust, do not think it dreadful that there are so many of us.
بین که با بسیاری ما بر بساط تنگ می‌آید شما را انبساط
Consider that notwithstanding the multitude of us on the earth you (men) find it insufficient for your enjoyment.
در لواطه می‌فتید از قحط زن فاعل و مفعول رسوای زمن
Propter paucitatem feminarum inciditis in paedicationem: infamissini in mundo sunt agens et patiens.’ [Because of the scarcity of women, you engage in sodomy: (both) active and passive (homosexuals) are the shame of the world.]
تو مبین این واقعات روزگار کز فلک می‌گردد اینجا ناگوار
(O Súfí), do not regard these happenings of Time which (proceed) from heaven (and) come to pass intolerably here.
تو مبین تحشیر روزی و معاش تو مبین این قحط و خوف و ارتعاش
Do not regard the (anxious) husbanding of (one’s) daily bread and livelihood and this dearth (of food) and fear and trembling,
بین که با این جمله تلخیهای او مرده‌ی اویید و ناپروای او
(But) consider that in spite of all its (the World’s) bitternesses ye are mortally enamoured of it and recklessly devoted to it.
رحمتی دان امتحان تلخ را نقمتی دان ملک مرو و بلخ را
Deem bitter tribulation to be a (Divine) mercy, deem the kingdom of Mervand Balkh to be a (Divine) vengeance.
آن براهیم از تلف نگریخت و ماند این براهیم از شرف بگریخت و راند
That Ibráhím fled not from destruction and remained (safe), while this Ibráhím fled from (worldly) honour and rode away.
آن نسوزد وین بسوزد ای عجب نعل معکوس است در راه طلب
That one is not burnt, and this one is burnt. Oh, wonderful! In the Way of search (for God) everything is upside down.”


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