How the Súfí repeated his questions

How the Súfí repeated his questions. باز مکرر کردن صوفی سال را

گفت صوفی قادرست آن مستعان که کند سودای ما را بی زیان
The Súfí said, “He (God) whose help is invoked hath the power to make our trading free from loss.
آنک آتش را کند ورد و شجر هم تواند کرد این را بی‌ضرر
He who turns the fire (of Nimrod) into roses and trees is also able to make this (World-fire) harmless.
آنک گل آرد برون از عین خار هم تواند کرد این دی را بهار
He who brings forth roses from the very midst of thorns is also able to turn this winter into spring.
آنک زو هر سرو آزادی کند قادرست ار غصه را شادی کند
He by whom every cypress is made ‘free’ (evergreen) hath the power if He would turn sorrow into joy.
آنک شد موجود از وی هر عدم گر بدارد باقیش او را چه کم
He by whom every non-existence is made existent what damage would He suffer if He were to preserve it for ever?
آنک تن را جان دهد تا حی شود گر نمیراند زیانش کی شود
He who gives the body a soul that it may live how would He be a loser if He did not cause it to die?
خود چه باشد گر ببخشد آن جواد بنده را مقصود جان بی‌اجتهاد
What, indeed, would it matter if that Bounteous One should bestow on His servant the desire of his soul without (painful) toil,
دور دارد از ضعیفان در کمین مکر نفس و فتنه‌ی دیو لعین
And keep far off from poor (mortals) the cunning of the flesh and the temptation of the Devil (which lurk) in ambush?”




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