How the three princes discussed

How the three princes discussed the (best) plan to adopt in view of what had occurred. بحث کردن آن سه شه‌زاده در تدبیر آن واقعه

رو به هم کردند هر سه مفتتن هر سه را یک رنج و یک درد و حزن
The three afflicted ones put their heads together: all three felt the same grief and pain and sorrow.
هر سه در یک فکر و یک سودا ندیم هر سه از یک رنج و یک علت سقیم
All three were comrades in one meditation and one passion; all three were sick with one disease and one malady.
در خموشی هر سه را خطرت یکی در سخن هم هر سه را حجت یکی
At the time of silence all three had one thought; at the time of speech, too, all three had one argument.
یک زمانی اشک‌ریزان جمله‌شان بر سر خوان مصیبت خون‌فشان
At one moment they all were shedding tears and weeping blood on the dining-table of calamity;
یک زمان از آتش دل هر سه کس بر زده با سوز چون مجمر نفس
At another moment all three, from the fire in their hearts, heaved burning sighs as (hot as) a chafing-pan.




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