How the Prophet, on whom be peace

How the Prophet, on whom be peace, looked at the captives and smiled and said, “I marvel at folk who are dragged to Paradise in chains and shackles.”نظرکردن پیغامبر علیه السلام به اسیران و تبسم کردن و گفتن کی عجبت من قوم یجرون الی الجنة بالسلاسل و الاغلال

دید پیغامبر یکی جوقی اسیر که همی‌بردند و ایشان در نفیر
The Prophet saw a troop of captives being taken along, and they were in loud lamentation.
دیدشان در بند آن آگاه شیر می نظر کردند در وی زیر زیر
That wary Lion saw them in chains: (he saw them) looking askance at him,
تا همی خایید هر یک از غضب بر رسول صدق دندانها و لب
So that each (of them) was gnashing his teeth and chewing his lips in anger against the veracious Prophet;
زهره نه با آن غضب که دم زنند زانک در زنجیر قهر ده‌منند
(But) notwithstanding that anger, they dare not utter a word, because they are in the ten-maund chain of violence.
می‌کشاندشان موکل سوی شهر می‌برد از کافرستانشان به قهر
Their custodian is marching them along to the city: he is taking them by force from the land of the infidels.
نه فدایی می‌ستاند نه زری نه شفاعت می‌رسد از سروری
(They say to each other), “He (the Prophet) will not accept any ransom or any gold: no intercession is coming from any prince.
رحمت عالم همی‌گویند و او عالمی را می‌برد حلق و گلو
He is called a mercy to the world, and he is cutting the throats and gullets of a (whole) world (of people).”
با هزار انکار می‌رفتند راه زیر لب طعنه‌زنان بر کار شاه
With a thousand (feelings of) disbelief they marched along, railing under their breath at the actions of the (spiritual) king,
چاره‌ها کردیم و اینجا چاره نیست خود دل این مرد کم از خاره نیست
(Saying), “We remedied (our former troubles), but in this case there is no remedy: truly this man’s heart is not inferior (in hardness) to a rock.
ما هزاران مرد شیر الپ ارسلان با دو سه عریان سست نیم‌جان
We, thousands of men brave as lions, (fighting) with two or three feeble and half-dead naked fellows,
این چنین درمانده‌ایم از کژرویست یا ز اخترهاست یا خود جادویست
Are left helpless like this: is it on account of (our) wrong-doing or (unlucky) stars, or is it sorcery?
بخت ما را بر درید آن بخت او تخت ما شد سرنگون از تخت او
His fortune tore up our fortune; our throne was overturned by his throne.
کار او از جادوی گر گشت زفت جادوی کردیم ما هم چون نرفت
If his cause became mighty (was made to prevail) by sorcery, we too practised sorcery: how did not it succeed?




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