How the unbelievers stopped the prophets

How the unbelievers stopped the prophets, on whom be peace, from giving admonition and brought forward Necessitarian arguments. منع کردن انبیا را از نصیحت کردن و حجت آوردن جبریانه

قوم گفتند ای نصوحان بس بود اینچ گفتید ار درین ده کس بود
The people (of Sabá) said, “O admonishers, what ye have said is enough, if there be any one in this village.
قفل بر دلهای ما بنهاد حق کس نداند برد بر خالق سبق
God hath set a lock upon our hearts; none can prevail against the Creator.
نقش ما این کرد آن تصویرگر این نخواهد شد بگفت و گو دگر
That Artist made the picture of us to be this: this will not be altered by talking.
سنگ را صد سال گویی لعل شو کهنه را صد سال گویی باش نو
A hundred years you may tell the pebble to become a ruby, a hundred years you may tell the old to become new;
خاک را گویی صفات آب گیر آب را گویی عسل شو یا که شیر
You may tell earth to assume the qualities of water, you may tell water to become honey or milk.
خالق افلاک او و افلاکیان خالق آب و تراب و خاکیان
(’Tis all in vain): He is the Creator of the heavens and the heavenly ones, the Creator of water and earth and earthly beings.
آسمان را داد دوران و صفا آب و گل را تیره رویی و نما
To heaven He gave its circling motion and its purity; to (the mixed) water and earth its dark appearance and its (power of) growth.
کی تواند آسمان دردی گزید کی تواند آب و گل صفوت خرید
How can heaven choose turbidity? How can (the mixed) earth and water buy purity?
قسمتی کردست هر یک را رهی کی کهی گردد بجهدی چون کهی
To every one He hath allotted a certain course: how should a mountain by any effort become as a straw?”




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