In the wilderness it fell amongst owls

In the wilderness it fell amongst owls. گرفتار شدن باز میان جغدان به ویرانه

باز آن باشد که باز آید به شاه
باز کور است آن که شد گم کرده راه‏
The falcon (seeker of God) is he that comes back to the King; he that has lost the way is the blind falcon.
راه را گم کرد و در ویران فتاد
باز در ویران بر جغدان فتاد
It lost the way and fell into the wilderness; then in the wilderness it fell amongst owls.
او همه نور است از نور رضا
لیک کورش کرد سرهنگ قضا
It (the falcon) is wholly light (derived) from the Light of (Divine) approval, but the marshal, Fate, blinded it.
خاک در چشمش زد و از راه برد
در میان جغد و ویرانش سپرد
He threw dust in its eyes and took it (far) away from the (right) road; he left it amidst owls and (in) the wilderness.
بر سری جغدانش بر سر می‏زنند
پر و بال نازنینش می‏کنند
To crown all, the owls attack it and tear its lovely wing-feathers and plumes.
ولوله افتاد در جغدان که ها
باز آمد تا بگیرد جای ما
A clamour arose amongst the owls “Ha! the falcon has come to seize our dwelling place.”
چون سگان کوی پر خشم و مهیب
اندر افتادند در دلق غریب‏
(’Twas) as (when) the street-dogs, wrathful and terrible, have fallen upon the frock of a (dervish) stranger.
باز گوید من چه در خوردم به جغد
صد چنین ویران فدا کردم به جغد
“How am I fit,” says the falcon, “for (consorting with) owls? I give up to the owls a hundred wildernesses like this.
من نخواهم بود اینجا می‏روم
سوی شاهنشاه راجع می‏شوم‏
I do not wish to stay here, I am going, I will return to the King of kings.
خویشتن مکشید ای جغدان که من
نه مقیمم می‏روم سوی وطن‏
Do not kill yourselves (with agitation), O owls, for I am not settling (here): I am going home.
این خراب آباد در چشم شماست
ور نه ما را ساعد شه باز جاست‏
This ruin is a thriving abode in your eyes; for me, however, the King’s fore-arm is the place of delight.”
جغد گفتا باز حیلت می‏کند
تا ز خان و مان شما را بر کند
The owl (that was warning the others) said, “The falcon is plotting to uproot you from house and home.
خانه‏های ما بگیرد او به مکر
بر کند ما را به سالوسی ز وکر
He will seize our houses by cunning, he will tear us out of our nests by (his) hypocrisy.
می‏نماید سیری این حیلت پرست
و الله از جمله‏ی حریصان بدتر است‏
This devotee of guile pretends to be perfectly satisfied (with what he has); by God, he is worse than all the greedy together.
او خورد از حرص طین را همچو دبس
دنبه مسپارید ای یاران به خرس‏
From greediness he eats clay as (if it were) date-syrup: O friends, do not entrust the sheep’s tail to the bear.
لاف از شه می‏زند وز دست شاه
تا برد او ما سلیمان را ز راه‏
He is boasting of the King and the King’s hand, in order that he may lead us astray, simple-minded as we are.
خود چه جنس شاه باشد مرغکی
مشنوش گر عقل داری اندکی‏
How, indeed, should a petty bird be the congener of the King? Do not listen to him, if you have (even) a little understanding.
جنس شاه است او و یا جنس وزیر
هیچ باشد لایق لوزینه سیر
Is he the King’s or the Vizier’s congener? Is garlic at all suitable to sweetmeat made with walnut kernels?
آن چه می‏گوید ز مکر و فعل و فن
هست سلطان با حشم جویای من‏
(As for) his saying, from deceit and feint and artifice, ‘The King with his retinue is searching after me,’
اینت مالیخولیای ناپذیر
اینت لاف خام و دام گول گیر
Here’s an absurd mad fancy for you, here’s a vain boast and a snare to catch blockheads!
هر که این باور کند از ابلهی است
مرغک لاغر چه در خورد شهی است‏
Any one who believes this’tis because of (his) foolishness: how is a slender little bird fit for (friendship with) royalty?
کمترین جغد ار زند بر مغز او
مر و را یاری‏گری از شاه کو
If the smallest owl should strike at his brain, where is succour for him from the King?”
گفت باز ار یک پر من بشکند
بیخ جغدستان شهنشه بر کند
The falcon said, “If a single feather of mine be broken, the King of kings will uproot the (whole) owlery.
جغد چه بود خود اگر بازی مرا
دل برنجاند کند با من جفا
What is an owl? Even if a falcon vex my heart and maltreat me,
شه کند توده به هر شیب و فراز
صد هزاران خرمن از سرهای باز
The King will heap up in every lowland and highland hundreds of thousands of stacks of falcons’ heads.
پاسبان من عنایات وی است
هر کجا که من روم شه در پی است‏
His favours keep watch over me; wherever I go, the King is (following) behind.
در دل سلطان خیال من مقیم
بی‏خیال من دل سلطان سقیم‏
The phantasy of me is abiding in the King’s heart: sick (would be) the King’s heart without the phantasy of me.
چون بپراند مرا شه در روش
می‏پرم بر اوج دل چون پرتوش‏
When the King bids me fly in His Way I fly up to the heart’s zenith, like His beams.
همچو ماه و آفتابی می‏پرم
پرده‏های آسمانها می‏درم‏
I fly as a moon and sun, I rend the curtains of the skies.
روشنی عقلها از فکرتم
انفطار آسمان از فطرتم‏
The light of intellects is from my thought; the bursting forth of heaven (into existence) is from my original nature.
بازم و حیران شود در من هما
جغد که بود تا بداند سر ما
I am a falcon, and (yet) the humá becomes lost in amazement at me: who is an owl, that it should know my secret?
شه برای من ز زندان یاد کرد
صد هزاران بسته را آزاد کرد
For my sake the King bethought him of the prison (this world), and set free hundreds of thousands of those in bondage.
یک دمم با جغدها دمساز کرد
از دم من جغدها را باز کرد
He made me familiar with the owls for a moment, and by means of my breath (words) he made the owls (to be) falcons.
ای خنک جغدی که در پرواز من
فهم کرد از نیک بختی راز من‏
Oh, happy (is) the owl that in my (soaring) flight (towards God) had the good fortune to apprehend my mystery.
در من آویزید تا نازان شوید
گر چه جغدانید شهبازان شوید
Cling to me, that ye may become exultant (enjoying bliss), (and that) ye may become royal falcons, although ye are owls.
آن که باشد با چنان شاهی حبیب
هر کجا افتد چرا باشد غریب‏
He that is dear to such a King wheresoever he light, why should he be a stranger?
هر که باشد شاه دردش را دوا
گر چو نی نالد نباشد بی‏نوا
Any one for whose pain the King is the remedy though he wail like the reed (flute), he is not without plenty.
مالک ملکم نیم من طبل خوار
طبل بازم می‏زند شه از کنار
I am the owner of the (spiritual) kingdom, I am not a lickspittle: the King is beating the falcon-drum for me from the shore.
طبل باز من ندای ارجعی
حق گواه من به رغم مدعی‏
My falcon-drum is the call, ‘Return!’ God is my witness in despite of adversary.
من نیم جنس شهنشه دور از او
لیک دارم در تجلی نور از او
I am not a congener of the King of kings far be it from Him! but I have light from Him in (His) self-manifestation.
نیست جنسیت ز روی شکل و ذات
آب جنس خاک آمد در نبات‏
Homogeneity is not in respect of form and essence: water becomes homogeneous with earth in the plant.
باد جنس آتش آمد در قوام
طبع را جنس آمده ست آخر مدام‏
Wind (air) becomes homogeneous with fire in consistency; wine at last becomes homogeneous with the constitution (of the body).
جنس ما چون نیست جنس شاه ما
مای ما شد بهر مای او فنا
Since my genus is not the genus of my King, my ego has passed away (faná) for the sake of His ego.
چون فنا شد مای ما او ماند فرد
پیش پای اسب او گردم چو گرد
Inasmuch as my ego passed away, He remained alone: I roll at the feet of His horse, like dust.
خاک شد جان و نشانیهای او
هست بر خاکش نشان پای او
The (individual) soul (self) became dust, and the (only) signs of it are the mark of His feet on its dust.
خاک پایش شو برای این نشان
تا شوی تاج سر گردن کشان‏
Become dust at His feet for the sake of this mark, in order that you may become the crown on the head of the lofty.
تا که نفریبد شما را شکل من
نقل من نوشید پیش از نقل من‏
Let not my form beguile you: partake of my dessert before my departure.”
ای بسا کس را که صورت راه زد
قصد صورت کرد و بر الله زد
Oh, (there is) many a one whom the form waylaid: he aimed at the form (of the holy man) and (in reality) struck at God.
آخر این جان با بدن پیوسته است
هیچ این جان با بدن مانند هست‏
After all, this soul is joined to the body, (but) has this soul any likeness to the body?
تاب نور چشم با پیه است جفت
نور دل در قطره‏ی خونی نهفت‏
The sparkle of the eye’s light is paired with the fat; the light of the heart is hidden in a drop of blood;
شادی اندر گرده و غم در جگر
عقل چون شمعی درون مغز سر
Joy (has its seat) in the kidneys, grief in the liver; intellect, (bright) as a candle, inside the brain in the head.
این تعلقها نه بی‏کیف است و چون
عقلها در دانش چونی زبون‏
These connexions are not without a how and a why, (but) as regards knowledge of the why (our) minds are impotent.
جان کل با جان جزو آسیب کرد
جان از او دری ستد در جیب کرد
The Universal Soul came into contact with the partial (individual) soul, and the (latter) soul received from it a pearl and put it into its bosom.
همچو مریم جان از آن آسیب جیب
حامله شد از مسیح دل فریب‏
Through that touch on its bosom the (individual) soul became pregnant, like Mary, with a heart-beguiling Messiah,
آن مسیحی نه که بر خشک و تر است
آن مسیحی کز مساحت برتر است‏
Not the Messiah who is (a traveller) on land and water, (but) the Messiah who is beyond (the limitation of) measuring (space).
پس ز جان جان چو حامل گشت جان
از چنین جانی شود حامل جهان‏
So when the soul has been impregnated by the Soul of soul, by such a soul the world is impregnated.
پس جهان زاید جهان دیگری
این حشر را وا نماید محشری‏
Then the world gives birth to another world, and displays to this congregated people a place of congregation (for the realities which are raised to life).
تا قیامت گر بگویم بشمرم
من ز شرح این قیامت قاصرم‏
Though I should speak and recount till the Resurrection, I lack the power to describe this (spiritual) resurrection.
این سخنها خود به معنی یا ربی است
حرفها دام دم شیرین لبی است‏
These sayings (of mine), indeed, are really an “O Lord” (a prayer addressed to God); the words are the lure for the breath of a sweet-lipped One.
چون کند تقصیر پس چون تن زند
چون که لبیکش به یا رب می‏رسد
How, then, should he (that seeks the answer) fail (to pray)? How should he be silent, inasmuch as “Here am I” is (always) coming in response to his “O Lord”?
هست لبیکی که نتوانی شنید
لیک سر تا پای بتوانی چشید
It is a “Here am I” that you cannot hear, but can taste (feel and enjoy) from head to foot.


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