On seeking the tree whereof none

On seeking the tree whereof none that eats the fruit shall die. جستن آن درخت که هر که میوه‏ی آن درخت خورد نمیرد

گفت دانایی برای داستان
که درختی هست در هندوستان‏
A learned man (once) said, for the sake of (telling) a story, “In India there is a certain tree:
هر کسی کز میوه‏ی او خورد و برد
نه شود او پیر نه هرگز بمرد
Whoso takes and eats of its fruit, he grows not old nor ever dies.”
پادشاهی این شنید از صادقی
بر درخت و میوه‏اش شد عاشقی‏
A king heard this (tale) from a veracious person: he became a lover of the tree and its fruit.
قاصدی دانا ز دیوان ادب
سوی هندستان روان کرد از طلب‏
From the Divan of culture he sent an intelligent envoy to India in search (of it).
سالها می‏گشت آن قاصد از او
گرد هندستان برای جستجو
For (many) years his envoy wandered about India in quest (of the tree).
شهر شهر از بهر این مطلوب گشت
نه جزیره ماند و نه کوه و نه دشت‏
He roamed from town to town for this object: neither island nor mountain nor plain was left (unvisited).
هر که را پرسید کردش ریشخند
کاین که جوید جز مگر مجنون بند
Every one whom he asked made a mock of him, saying, “Who would search after this, unless perhaps a madman in confinement?”
بس کسان صفعش زدند اندر مزاح
بس کسان گفتند ای صاحب فلاح‏
Many slapped him jocosely; many said, “O fortunate man,
جستجوی چون تو زیرک سینه صاف
کی تهی باشد کجا باشد گزاف‏
How should the enquiry of a clever and clear-minded person like you be devoid (of result)? How should it be vain?”
وین مراعاتش یکی صفعی دگر
وین ز صفع آشکارا سخت‏تر
And this (ironical) respect was to him another slap, and it was harder (to bear) than the visible slap.
می‏ستودندش به تسخر کای بزرگ
در فلان اقلیم بس هول و سترگ‏
They extolled him sarcastically, saying, “O great sir, in such and such a very tremendous and huge country,
در فلان بیشه درختی هست سبز
بس بلند و پهن و هر شاخیش گبز
In such and such a forest there is a green tree, very tall and broad, and every branch of it is big.”
قاصد شه بسته در جستن کمر
می‏شنید از هر کسی نوعی خبر
The king’s envoy, who had braced his belt for the quest, was hearing a different kind of report from every one;
بس سیاحت کرد آن جا سالها
می‏فرستادش شهنشه مالها
There for years he travelled much, (whilst) the king kept sending money to him.
چون بسی دید اندر آن غربت تعب
عاجز آمد آخر الامر از طلب‏
After he had suffered much fatigue in that foreign land, at last he became too exhausted to seek (any longer).
هیچ از مقصود اثر پیدا نشد
ز آن غرض غیر خبر پیدا نشد
No trace of the object of pursuit was discovered: of what he wanted nothing appeared but the report.
رشته‏ی امید او بگسسته شد
جسته‏ی او عاقبت ناجسته شد
The thread of his hope snapped, the thing he had sought became unsought in the end.
کرد عزم باز گشتن سوی شاه
اشک می‏بارید و می‏برید راه‏
He resolved to return to the king, (and set out) shedding tears and traversing the way.




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