The Story of Pharaoh’s dream

The Story of Pharaoh’s dream of the coming of Moses, on whom be peace, and how he took thought to relieve himself (of the threatened danger). قصه‌ی خواب دیدن فرعون آمدن موسی را علیه السلام و تدارک اندیشیدن

جهد فرعونی چو بی توفیق بود هرچه او می‌دوخت آن تفتیق بود
Inasmuch as Pharaoh’s toil was unblest (by God), whatsoever he would stitch, that (stitching) was (in effect an act of) ripping asunder.
از منجم بود در حکمش هزار وز معبر نیز و ساحر بی‌شمار
He had a thousand astrologers at his beck, and also a countless multitude of dream-interpreters and magicians.
مقدم موسی نمودندش بخواب که کند فرعون و ملکش را خراب
There was shown to him in a dream the coming of Moses, who would destroy Pharaoh and his kingdom.
با معبر گفت و با اهل نجوم چون بود دفع خیال و خواب شوم
He said to the interpreters and astrologers, “How may (the fulfilment of) the ill-boding phantasm and dream be warded off?”
جمله گفتندش که تدبیری کنیم راه زادن را چو ره‌زن می‌زنیم
They all said to him, “We will contrive something, we will waylay the birth (of Moses), like brigands.”
تا رسید آن شب که مولد بود آن رای این دیدند آن فرعونیان
(They waited) till the night arrived on which the begetting (of Moses) took place; those Pharaoh’s men deemed it advisable,
که برون آرند آن روز از پگاه سوی میدان بزم و تخت پادشاه
Early on that day, to bring forth the King’s banquet and throne towards the maydán (public arena outside of the city),
الصلا ای جمله اسرائیلیان شاه می‌خواند شما را زان مکان
(Proclaiming), “Welcome, O all ye Israelites! The King calls you from that place (where ye are),
تا شما را رو نماید بی نقاب بر شما احسان کند بهر ثواب
That he may show unto you his face unveiled, and do kindness unto you for the sake of the (Divine) recompense”;
کان اسیران را بجز دوری نبود دیدن فرعون دستوری نبود
For to those captives there was naught but farness (from Pharaoh’s presence): the sight of Pharaoh was not permitted (to them).
گر فتادندی به ره در پیش او بهر آن یاسه بخفتندی برو
If they fell in with him on the road, they would lie (flat) on their faces on account of the law.
یاسه این بد که نبیند هیچ اسیر در گه و بیگه لقای آن امیر
The law was this: no captive in or out of season shall behold the countenance of that Prince,
بانگ چاووشان چو در ره بشنود تا ببیند رو به دیواری کند
And whenever on the road he hears the shout of the (royal) beadles, he shall turn his face towards a wall, that he may not see;
ور ببیند روی او مجرم بود آنچ بتر بر سر او آن رود
And if he see his face, he shall be guilty of a crime, and the worst punishment shall befall him.
بودشان حرص لقای ممتنع چون حریصست آدمی فیما منع
They (the Israelites) had a greed for the inaccessible countenance, since Man is greedy for that which has been forbidden.




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