Parable of the Devil

Parable of the Devil

Parable of the Devil at the door of the Merciful God. مثل شیطان بر در رحمان

حاش لله ایش شاء الله کان حاکم آمد در مکان و لامکان
God forfend! Whatsoever God wills shall come to pass. He is the Ruler over the worlds of space and non-spatiality.
هیچ کس در ملک او بی‌امر او در نیفزاید سر یک تای مو
Without His command no one in His kingdom shall add (so much as) the tip of a single hair.
ملک ملک اوست فرمان آن او کمترین سگ بر در آن شیطان او
The kingdom is His kingdom, the command is His: that Devil of His is the meanest dog at His door.
ترکمان را گر سگی باشد به در بر درش بنهاده باشد رو و سر
If a Turcoman’s dog is lying at the door (of the tent), with his face and head resting on the threshold,
کودکان خانه دمش می‌کشند باشد اندر دست طفلان خوارمند
(Though) the children of the house keep pulling his tail, he will be humble (submissive) in the children’s hands.
باز اگر بیگانه‌ای معبر کند حمله بر وی هم‌چو شیر نر کند
If, however, a stranger pass by, he (the dog) will rush at him like a fierce lion;
که اشداء علی الکفار شد با ولی گل با عدو چون خار شد
For he is hard on the unbelievers: to a friend he is (as) the rose, to an enemy as the thorn.
ز آب تتماجی که دادش ترکمان آنچنان وافی شدست و پاسبان
He has become so faithful and vigilant on account of the tutmáj broth that the Turcoman has given him.
پس سگ شیطان که حق هستش کند اندرو صد فکرت و حیلت تند
The dog, then, namely the Devil, whom God causes to exist and in whom He creates a hundred thoughts and cunning plans,
آب روها را غذای او کند ** تا برد او آب روی نیک و بد
And whom He feeds with (men’s) honours, so that he takes away the honour of the virtuous and the wicked.
این تتماجست آب روی عام که سگ شیطان از آن یابد طعام
(For) the honour of the populace is the tutmáj broth by which the Devil-dog is fed.
بر در خرگاه قدرت جان او چون نباشد حکم را قربان بگو
Tell me, how should not his soul be devoted to the (Divine) decree at the door of the tent of Omnipotence?
گله گله از مرید و از مرید چون سگ باسط ذراعی بالوصید
Troop on troop of obedient and rebellious (devils), like the dog (of the Seven Sleepers) spreading his fore-paws on the threshold,
بر در کهف الوهیت چو سگ ذره ذره امرجو بر جسته رگ
Are (stationed) like dogs at the door of the Cave of the Godhead, (eagerly) seeking the (Divine) command with every particle (of their bodies), and with every nerve agog (to hear the command),
ای سگ دیو امتحان می‌کن که تا چون درین ره می‌نهند این خلق پا
(Namely), ‘O Devil-dog, inflict tribulation in order that (thou mayst see) how these creatures (of Mine) set foot on this Way.
حمله می‌کن منع می‌کن می‌نگر تا که باشد ماده اندر صدق و نر
Continually rush (at them), prevent (them from advancing), and look to see who (among them) is female (weak) in respect of sincerity, and who is male (strong).’
پس اعوذ از بهر چه باشد چو سگ گشته باشد از ترفع تیزتگ
For what purpose, then, is (the cry), ‘I take refuge (with God)’ when the Dog in his arrogance has run swiftly (to the attack)?
این اعوذ آنست کای ترک خطا بانگ بر زن بر سگت ره بر گشا
This (cry), ‘I take refuge,’ is (as though you should say), ‘O Turcoman of Khitá, call thy dog off and leave the way clear,
تا بیایم بر در خرگاه تو حاجتی خواهم ز جود و جاه تو
That I may come to the door of thy tent and beg what I need from thy bounty and high estate.’
چونک ترک از سطوت سگ عاجزست این اعوذ و این فغان ناجایزست
When the Turcoman is incapable of (restraining) the dog’s fury, this (expression), ‘I take refuge,’ and this cry of distress are improper (inadmissible),
ترک هم گوید اعوذ از سگ که من هم ز سگ در مانده‌ام اندر وطن
(Since) the Turcoman too will say, ‘I take refuge from the dog; for I too am helpless against the dog in my home.
تو نمی‌یاری برین در آمدن من نمی‌آرم ز در بیرون شدن
Thou canst not come to this door, nor can I go forth from the door.’
خاک اکنون بر سر ترک و قنق که یکی سگ هر دو را بندد عنق
Now dust be on the head of the Turcoman and the stranger-guest, since one dog binds the necks of (subjugates) them both!
حاش لله ترک بانگی بر زند سگ چه باشد شیر نر خون قی کند
God forfend! (If) the Turcoman utter a shout, what of the dog? (Even) a fierce lion would (be terrified and) vomit blood.”
ای که خود را شیر یزدان خوانده‌ای سالها شد با سگی در مانده‌ای
O thou who hast called thyself “the Lion of God,” for (many) years thou hast been powerless against a dog.
چون کند این سگ برای تو شکار چون شکار سگ شدستی آشکار
How should this dog hunt on thy behalf when thou hast manifestly become a prey to the dog?




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