Story of the captive bird

Story of the captive bird which gave the (following) injunctions: do not feel sorrow for what is past, think about taking precaution for the present (need), and do not spend time in repenting. قصه‌ی آن مرغ گرفته کی وصیت کرد کی بر گذشته پشیمانی مخور تدارک وقت اندیش و روزگار مبر در پشیمانی

آن یکی مرغی گرفت از مکر و دام
مرغ او را گفت ای خواجه‌ی همام
A certain man caught a bird by guile and trap: the bird said to him, “O noble sire,
به تو بسی گاوان و میشان خورده‌ای
تو بسی اشتر به قربان کرده‌ای
Thou hast eaten many oxen and sheep, thou hast sacrificed many camels;
تو نگشتی سیر زانها در زمن
هم نگردی سیر از اجزای من
Thou hast never in the world been sated by them, neither wilt thou be sated by my limbs.
هل مرا تا که سه پندت بر دهم
تا بدانی زیرکم یا ابلهم
Let me go, that I may bestow on thee three counsels, that thou mayst perceive whether I am wise or foolish. 
اول آن پند هم در دست تو
ثانیش بر بام کهگل بست تو
(I will give thee) the first of those counsels on thy hand, the second of them on thy plastered roof,
وآن سوم پند دهم من بر درخت
که ازین سه پند گردی نیکبخت
And the third counsel I will give thee on a tree. (Let me go), for thou wilt become fortunate through these three counsels.
آنچ بر دستست اینست آن سخن
که محالی را ز کس باور مکن
(As for) that saying which is (to be said) on thy hand, ’tis this: ‘do not believe an absurdity (when thou hearest it) from any one.’”
بر کفش چون گفت اول پند زفت
گشت آزاد و بر آن دیوار رفت
When it (the bird) had uttered the first grave counsel on his palm, it became free and went (to perch) on the wall (of his house),
گفت دیگر بر گذشته غم مخور
چون ز تو بگذشت زان حسرت مبر
And said, “The second is, ‘do not grieve over (what is) past: when it has passed from thee, do not feel regret for it.’”
بعد از آن گفتش که در جسمم کتیم
ده درمسنگست یک در یتیم
After that, it said to him, “In my body is concealed a solitary (large and precious) pearl, ten dirhems in weight.
دولت تو بخت فرزندان تو
بود آن گوهر به حق جان تو
By thy soul’s truth (as sure as thou livest), that jewel was thy fortune and the luck of thy children.
فوت کردی در که روزی‌ات نبود
که نباشد مثل آن در در وجود
Thou hast missed the pearl, for it was not thy appointed lot (to gain it) a pearl the like of which is not in existence.”
آنچنان که وقت زادن حامله
ناله دارد خواجه شد در غلغله
Even as a woman big with child keeps wailing at the time of parturition, so the Khwája began to cry out clamorously.
مرغ گفتش نی نصیحت کردمت
که مبادا بر گذشته‌ی دی غمت
The bird said to him, “Did not I admonish thee, saying, ‘Let there be no grief in thee for what passed yesterday’?
چون گذشت و رفت غم چون می‌خوری
یا نکردی فهم پندم یا کری
Since it is past and gone, why art thou grieving? Either thou didst not understand my counsel or thou art deaf.
وان دوم پندت بگفتم کز ضلال
هیچ تو باور مکن قول محال
And (as regards) the second counsel I gave thee, (namely), ‘Do not from misguidedness put any belief in an absurd statement,’
من نیم خود سه درمسنگ ای اسد
ده درمسنگ اندرونم چون بود
O lion, I myself do not weigh ten dirhems: how should the weight of ten dirhems be within me?”
خواجه باز آمد به خود گفتا که هین
باز گو آن پند خوب سیومین
The Khwája came back to himself (recovered his wits) and said, “Hark, disclose the third (piece of) excellent counsel.” 
گفت آری خوش عمل کردی بدان
تا بگویم پند ثالث رایگان
“Yes,” said the bird, “thou hast made good use of those (former counsels), that I should tell (thee) the third counsel in vain!”
پند گفتن با جهول خوابناک
تخت افکندن بود در شوره خاک
To give counsel to a sleepy ignoramus is to scatter seed in nitrous soil.
چاک حمق و جهل نپذیرد رفو
تخم حکمت کم دهش ای پندگو
The rent of folly and ignorance does not admit of being patched up: do not give the seed of wisdom to him (the fool), O counsellor.




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