Story of the druggist whose balance-weight was clay

Story of the druggist whose balance-weight was clay for washing the head; and how a customer, who was a clay-eater, stole some of that clay covertly and secretly, whilst sugar was being weighed. قصه‌ی عطاری کی سنگ ترازوی او گل سرشوی بود و دزدیدن مشتری گل خوار از آن گل هنگام سنجیدن شکر دزدیده و پنهان

پیش عطاری یکی گل‌خوار رفت
تا خرد ابلوج قند خاص زفت
A certain clay-eater went to a druggist to buy (a quantity of) fine hard sugar-loaf. 
پس بر عطار طرار دودل
موضع سنگ ترازو بود گل
Now, at the druggist’s, (who was) a crafty vigilant man, in place of the balance-weight there was clay.
گفت گل سنگ ترازوی منست
گر ترا میل شکر بخریدنست
He said, “If you want to buy sugar, my balance-weight is clay.”
گفت هستم در مهمی قندجو
سنگ میزان هر چه خواهی باش گو
He (the customer) said, “I am requiring sugar for an urgent affair: let the balance-weight be whatever you wish.”
گفت با خود پیش آنک گل‌خورست
سنگ چه بود گل نکوتر از زرست
To himself he said, “What does the weight matter to one that eats clay? Clay is better than gold.”
هم‌چو آن دلاله که گفت ای پسر
نو عروسی یافتم بس خوب‌فر
As the dallála (go-between) who said, “O son, I have found a very beautiful new bride (for you).
سخت زیبا لیک هم یک چیز هست
که آن ستیره دختر حلواگرست
(She is) exceedingly pretty, but there is just one thing, that the lady is a confectioner’s daughter.”
گفت بهتر این چنین خود گر بود
دختر او چرب و شیرین‌تر بود
“(All the) better,” said he; “if it is indeed so, his daughter will be fatter and sweeter.”
گر نداری سنگ و سنگت از گلست
این به و به گل مرا میوه‌ی دلست
“If you have no (proper) weight and your weight is of clay, this is better and better: clay is the fruit (desired) of my heart.”
اندر آن کفه‌ی ترازو ز اعتداد
او به جای سنگ آن گل را نهاد
He (the druggist) placed the clay, because of its being ready (to his hand), in one scale of the balance instead of the (proper) weight;
پس برای کفه‌ی دیگر به دست
هم به قدر آن شکر را می‌شکست
Then, for the other scale, he was breaking with his hand the equivalent amount of sugar.
چون نبودش تیشه‌ای او دیر ماند
مشتری را منتظر آنجا نشاند
Since he had no pick-axe, he took a long time and made the customer sit waiting.
رویش آن سو بود گل‌خور ناشکفت
گل ازو پوشیده دزدیدن گرفت
(Whilst) his face was (turned) towards that (sugar), the clay-eater, unable to restrain himself, began covertly to steal the clay from him,
ترس ترسان که نباید ناگهان
چشم او بر من فتد از امتحان
Terribly frightened lest his (the druggist’s) eye should fall upon him of a sudden for the purpose of testing (his honesty).
دید عطار آن و خود مشغول کرد
که فزون‌تر دزد هین ای روی‌زرد
The druggist saw it, but made himself busy, saying, “Come, steal more, O pale-faced one!
گر بدزدی وز گل من می‌بری
رو که هم از پهلوی خود می‌خوری
If you will be a thief and take some of my clay, go on (doing so), for you are eating out of your own side.
تو همی ترسی ز من لیک از خری
من همی‌ترسم که تو کمتر خوری
You are afraid of me, but (only) because you are a (stupid) ass: I am afraid you will eat less (too little).
گرچه مشغولم چنان احمق نیم
که شکر افزون کشی تو از نیم
Though I am occupied, I am not such a fool (as to suffer) that you should get too much of my sugar-cane.
چون ببینی مر شکر را ز آزمود
پس بدانی احمق و غافل کی بود
When you see (find) by experience the (amount of) sugar (which you have bought), then you will know who was foolish and careless.”
مرغ زان دانه نظر خوش می‌کند
دانه هم از دور راهش می‌زند
The bird looks pleased at the bait; still, the bait, (though) at a distance (from it), is waylaying it.
کز زنای چشم حظی می‌بری
نه کباب از پهلوی خود می‌خوری
If you are deriving some pleasure from the eye’s cupidity, are not you eating roast-meat from your own side?
این نظر از دور چون تیرست و سم
عشقت افزون می‌شود صبر تو کم
This looking from a distance is like arrows and poison: your fond passion is increased (thereby) and your self-restraint diminished.
مال دنیا دام مرغان ضعیف
ملک عقبی دام مرغان شریف
Worldly riches are a trap for the weak birds; the kingdom of the next world is a trap for the noble birds,
تا بدین ملکی که او دامست ژرف
در شکار آرند مرغان شگرف
To the end that by means of this kingdom, which is a deep trap, the great birds may be ensnared.
من سلیمان می‌نخواهم ملکتان
بلک من برهانم از هر هلکتان
“I, Solomon, do not desire your kingdom; nay, but I will deliver you from every destruction;
کین زمان هستید خود مملوک ملک
مالک ملک آنک بجهید او ز هلک
For at this time ye are indeed slaves to the kingdom; the owner of the kingdom is he that escaped from destruction.”
بازگونه ای اسیر این جهان
نام خود کردی امیر این جهان
Preposterously, O prisoner of this world, thou hast named thyself prince of this world.
ای تو بنده‌ی این جهان محبوس جان
چند گویی خویش را خواجه‌ی جهان
O thou slave of this world, thou whose spirit is imprisoned, how long wilt thou call thyself lord of the world?




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