Story of the king’s falcon

Story of the king’s falcon and the decrepit old woman. قصه‌ی باز پادشاه و کمپیر زن

باز اسپیدی به کمپیری دهی
او ببرد ناخنش بهر بهی
(If) you give a white falcon to a decrepit old woman, she will clip its talons for the sake of (its supposed) welfare.
ناخنی که اصل کارست و شکار
کور کمپیری ببرد کوروار
The blind old woman will blindly clip the talons which are the source of its usefulness in the chase,
که کجا بودست مادر که ترا
ناخنان زین سان درازست ای کیا
Saying, “Where has thy mother been, that thy talons are so long, O prince?”
ناخن و منقار و پرش را برید
وقت مهر این می‌کند زال پلید
She clipped its talons and beak and wings: the filthy old hag does this at the time of (at the time when she is moved by) affection.
چونک تتماجش دهد او کم خورد
خشم گیرد مهرها را بر درد
When she gives it tutmáj, it will not eat; (then) she is enraged and tears up her feelings of affection,
که چنین تتماج پختم بهر تو
تو تکبر می‌نمایی و عتو
Saying, “I have cooked such (fine) tutmáj for thee, and thou art showing pride and insolence.
تو سزایی در همان رنج و بلا
نعمت و اقبال کی سازد ترا
Thou deservest to be in that trouble and affliction: how should happiness and prosperity be suitable for thee?”
آن تتماجش دهد کین را بگیر
گر نمی‌خواهی که نوشی زان فطیر
She gives it the tutmáj broth, saying, “Take this, if thou dost not wish to eat of the pastry.”
آب تتماجش نگیرد طبع باز
زال بترنجد شود خشمش دراز
The falcon’s nature does not accept (rejects) tutmáj broth: the old woman frowns, and her anger is prolonged.
از غضب شربای سوزان بر سرش
زن فرو ریزد شود کل مغفرش
In her rage the woman pours down the burning hot soup on its head: the crown of its head is made bald.
اشک از آن چشمش فرو ریزد ز سوز
یاد آرد لطف شاه دل‌فروز
On account of the burning pain the tears pour down from its eye: it remembers the kindness of the heart-delighting king.
زان دو چشم نازنین با دلال
که ز چهره‌ی شاد دارد صد کمال
(Tears pour) from those two charming coquettish eyes, which possess a hundred perfections (derived) from the countenance of the king.
چشم مازاغش شده پر زخم زاغ
چشم نیک از چشم بد با درد و داغ
Its eye that turned not aside (ma zágh) has become full of wounds inflicted by the crow (zágh): the good eye is (smitten) with pain and anguish by the evil eye.
چشم دریا بسطتی کز بسط او
هر دو عالم می‌نماید تار مو
(It hath) an eye with the (vast) range of the sea, (an eye) from the (immense) range whereof both the worlds appear (no bigger than) a thread of hair.
گر هزاران چرخ در چشمش رود
هم‌چو چشمه پیش قلزم گم شود
If thousands of spheres should enter into its eye, they would vanish like a fountain before the ocean.
چشم بگذشته ازین محسوسها
یافته از غیب‌بینی بوسها
The eye that has passed beyond these objects of sense-perception and won kisses from vision of the Unseen.
خود نمی‌یابم یکی گوشی که من
نکته‌ای گویم از آن چشم حسن
Verily, I do not find a single ear to which I should tell a mystery concerning that beauteous eye.
می‌چکید آن آب محمود جلیل
می‌ربودی قطره‌اش را جبرئیل
(If) the lauded and august water were to trickle (from that eye), Gabriel would (eagerly) carry off its drops,
تا بمالد در پر و منقال خویش
گر دهد دستوریش آن خوب کیش
That he might rub them on his wings and beak, if that person of goodly practice give him permission.
باز گوید خشم کمپیر ار فروخت
فر و نور و علم و صبرم را نسوخت
The falcon says, “If the anger of the old crone has blazed forth, (yet) it has not consumed my glory and splendour and self-denial and knowledge.
باز جانم باز صد صورت تند
زخم بر ناقه نه بر صالح زند
The falcon, (which is) my spirit, will still weave a hundred forms: the blow falls on the she-camel, not on Sálih.
صالح از یک‌دم که آرد با شکوه
صد چنان ناقه بزاید متن کوه
At a single awful breath that Sálih heaves, the back (womb) of the mountain will bring to birth a hundred such she-camels.”
دل همی گوید خموش و هوش دار
ورنه درانید غیرت پود و تار
(My) heart is saying, “Be silent and observe discretion; otherwise, the (Divine) jealousy will end the warp and woof (of thy existence).”
غیرتش را هست صد حلم نهان
ورنه سوزیدی به یک دم صد جهان
His jealousy hath a hundred hidden clemencies; else in one moment it would consume a hundred worlds.
نخوت شاهی گرفتش جای پند
تا دل خود را ز بند پند کند
Kingly pride seized the place of (left no room for) admonition in him (Pharaoh), so that he wrenched his heart away from the bonds of admonition,
که کنم بار رای هامان مشورت
کوست پشت ملک و قطب مقدرت
Saying, “I will take counsel with Hámán, for he is the support of the kingdom and the pivot of power.” 
مصطفی را رای‌زن صدیق رب
رای‌زن بوجهل را شد بولهب
The Lord’s veracious witness was the counsellor of Mustafá (Mohammed); Bú Lahab became the counsellor of Bú Jahl.
عرق جنسیت چنانش جذب کرد
کان نصیحتها به پیشش گشت سرد
The homogeneity rooted in his nature drew him (towards Hámán) so (strongly) that those admonishments (of Ásiya) became irksome to him.
جنس سوی جنس صد پره پرد
بر خیالش بندها را بر درد
Congener flies to congener with a hundred wings and rives (all) bounds asunder in the fancy (desire) for him (who is congenial).




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