Story of the Súfí who, head on knee, was engaged

Story of the Súfí who, head on knee, was engaged in (spiritual) meditation in the garden: his friends said to him, “Lift up thy head and enjoy the garden and the sweet herbs and the birds and the marks of the mercy of God most High.” قصه‌ی صوفی کی در میان گلستان سر به زانو مراقب بود یارانش گفتند سر برآور تفرج کن بر گلستان و ریاحین و مرغان و آثار رحمةالله تعالی

صوفیی در باغ از بهر گشاد
صوفیانه روی بر زانو نهاد
In the orchard a certain Súfí laid his face in Súfí fashion upon his knee for the sake of (mystical) revelation;
پس فرو رفت او به خود اندر نغول
شد ملول از صورت خوابش فضول
Then he sank deep down into himself. An impertinent fellow was annoyed by his semblance of slumber.
که چه خسپی آخر اندر رز نگر
این درختان بین و آثار و خضر
“Why,” said he, “dost thou sleep? Nay, look at the vines, behold these trees and marks (of Divine mercy) and green plants.
امر حق بشنو که گفتست انظروا
سوی این آثار رحمت آر رو
Hearken to the command of God, for He hath said, ‘Look ye’: turn thy face towards these marks of (Divine) mercy.”
گفت آثارش دلست ای بوالهوس
آن برون آثار آثارست و بس
He replied, “O man of vanity, its marks are (within) the heart: that (which is) without is only the marks of the marks.”
باغها و سبزه‌ها در عین جان
بر برون عکسش چو در آب روان
The (real) orchards and verdure are in the very essence of the soul: the reflexion thereof upon (that which is) without is as (the reflexion) in running water.
آن خیال باغ باشد اندر آب
که کند از لطف آب آن اضطراب
In the water there is (only) the phantom (reflected image) of the orchard, which quivers on account of the subtle quality of the water.
باغها و میوه‌ها اندر دلست
عکس لطف آن برین آب و گلست
The (real) orchards and fruits are within the heart: the reflexion of their beauty is (falling) upon this water and earth (the external world).
گر نبودی عکس آن سرو سرور
پس نخواندی ایزدش دار الغرور
If it were not the reflexion of that delectable cypress, then God would not have called it the abode of deception.
این غرور آنست یعنی این خیال
هست از عکس دل و جان رجال
This deception is (consists in) that: i.e. this phantom (the external world) exists (derives its existence) from the reflexion of the heart and spirit of the (holy) men.
جمله مغروران برین عکس آمده
بر گمانی کین بود جنت‌کده
All the deceived ones come to (gaze on) this reflexion in the opinion that this is the place of Paradise.
می‌گریزند از اصول باغها
بر خیالی می‌کنند آن لاغها
They are fleeing from the origins of the orchards; they are making merry over a phantom.
چونک خواب غفلت آیدشان به سر
راست بینند و چه سودست آن نظر
When their heedless sleep comes to an end, they see truly but what use is that sight (to them)?
بس به گورستان غریو افتاد و آه
تا قیامت زین غلط وا حسرتاه
Then in the graveyard arises uproar and lament: on account of this mistake (they cry) “alas” till the Resurrection.
ای خنک آن را که پیش از مرگ مرد
یعنی او از اصل این رز بوی برد
Oh, happy he that died before death, i.e. he got scent of (became acquainted with) the origin of this vineyard.




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