How Bal‘am the son of Bá‘úr

How Bal‘am the son of Bá‘úr was (felt himself) secure, because the Lord had made (many) tests (of him) and he had come through them honourably. آمن بودن بلعم باعور کی امتحانها کرد حضرت او را و از آنها روی سپید آمده بود

بلعم باعور و ابلیس لعین ز امتحان آخرین گشته مهین
Bal‘am the son of Bá‘úr and the accursed Iblís were disgraced at the ultimate test.
او بدعوی میل دولت می‌کند معده‌اش نفرین سبلت می‌کند
He (the boastful hypocrite), by his pretension, desires to be (reputed) rich, (but) his belly is execrating his moustache,
کانچ پنهان می‌کند پیدایش کن سوخت ما را ای خدا رسواش کن
Crying, “Display that which he is hiding! He has consumed me (with anguish): O God, expose him!”
جمله اجزای تنش خصم ویند کز بهاری لافد ایشان در دیند
All the members of his body are his adversaries, for he prates of spring (while) they are in December.
لاف وا داد کرمها می‌کند شاخ رحمت را ز بن بر می‌کند
Vain talk repels acts of kindness and tears off the bough of pity from the trunk of the tree.
راستی پیش آر یا خاموش کن وانگهان رحمت ببین و نوش کن
Bring forward (practise) honesty, or else be silent, and then behold pity and enjoy it.
آن شکم خصم سبال او شده دست پنهان در دعا اندر زده
That belly became the adversary of his moustache and secretly had recourse to prayer,
کای خدا رسوا کن این لاف لام تا بجنبد سوی ما رحم کرام
Crying, “O God, expose this idle brag of the base, in order that the pity of the noble may be moved towards me.”
مستجاب آمد دعای آن شکم شورش حاجت بزد بیرون علم
The belly’s prayer was answered: the ardency of need put out a flag.
گفت حق گر فاسقی و اهل صنم چون مرا خوانی اجابتها کنم
God hath said, “Though thou be a profligate and idolater, I will answer when thou callest Me.”
تو دعا را سخت گیر و می‌شخول عاقبت برهاندت از دست غول
Do thou cleave fast unto prayer and ever cry out: in the end it will deliver thee from the hands of the ghoul.
چون شکم خود را به حضرت در سپرد گربه آمد پوست آن دنبه ببرد
When the belly committed itself to God, the cat came and carried off the skin of that sheep’s tail.
از پس گربه دویدند او گریخت کودک از ترس عتابش رنگ ریخت
They ran after the cat, (but) she fled. The child (of the braggart), from fear of his scolding, changed colour (turned pale).
آمد اندر انجمن آن طفل خرد آب روی مرد لافی را ببرد
The little child came into (the midst of) the company and took away the prestige of the boastful man.
گفت آن دنبه که هر صبحی بدان چرب می‌کردی لبان و سبلتان
It said, “The sheep’s tail with which every morning you greased your lips and moustaches.
گربه آمد ناگهانش در ربود بس دویدیم و نکرد آن جهد سود
The cat came and suddenly snatched it away: I ran hard, but the effort was of no use.”
خنده آمد حاضران را از شگفت رحمهاشان باز جنبیدن گرفت
Those who were present laughed from astonishment, and their feelings of pity began to be moved again.
دعوتش کردند و سیرش داشتند تخم رحمت در زمینش کاشتند
They invited him (to eat) and kept him full-fed, they sowed the seed of pity in his soil.
او چو ذوق راستی دید از کرام بی تکبر راستی را شد غلام
When he had tasted honesty from the noble, he without arrogance (humbly) became devoted to honesty.




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