Story of the woman whose children never lived

Story of the woman whose children never lived (long), and how, when she made lamentation (to God), the answer came “That is instead of thy (unpractised) ascetic discipline and is for thee in lieu of the self-mortification of those who mortify themselves.” حکایت آن زنی کی فرزندش نمی‌زیست بنالید جواب آمد کی آن عوض ریاضت تست و به جای جهاد مجاهدانست ترا

آن زنی هر سال زاییدی پسر بیش از شش مه نبودی عمرور
That woman used to bear a son every year, (but) he never lived more than six months;
یاسه مه یا چار مه گشتی تباه ناله کرد آن زن که افغان ای اله
Either (in) three months or four months he would perish. The woman made lamentation, crying, “Alas, O God,
نه مهم بارست و سه ماهم فرح نعمتم زوتر رو از قوس قزح
For nine months I have the burden (of pregnancy), and for three months I have joy: my happiness is fleeter than the rainbow.”
پیش مردان خدا کردی نفیر زین شکایت آن زن از درد نذیر
That woman, because of the terrifying anguish (which she suffered), used to make this plaintive outcry before the men of God.
بیست فرزند این‌چنین در گور رفت آتشی در جانشان افتاد تفت
In this wise twenty children (of hers) went into the grave: a fire (of destruction) fell swiftly upon their lives,
تا شبی بنمود او را جنتی باقیی سبزی خوشی بی ضنتی
Till, one night, there was shown to her (the vision of) a garden everlasting, verdant, delectable, and ungrudged.
باغ گفتم نعمت بی‌کیف را کاصل نعمتهاست و مجمع باغها
I have called the Unconditioned Bounty a garden, since it is the source of (all) bounties and the assembly of (all) gardens;
ورنه لا عین رات چه جای باغ گفت نور غیب را یزدان چراغ
Otherwise, (it is that which) no eye hath beheld: what place is there for (how is it proper to speak of) a garden? (Yet the term “garden” may be applied to it): God hath called the Light of the Unseen “a lamp.”
مثل نبود آن مثال آن بود تا برد بوی آنک او حیران بود
Tis not a comparison, ’tis a parable thereof, (which is used) in order that he who is bewildered may get a scent (of the reality).
حاصل آن زن دید آن را مست شد زان تجلی آن ضعیف از دست شد
In short, the woman saw that (Bounty) and became intoxicated: at that revelation the weak (creature) fell into an ecstasy.
دید در قصری نبشته نام خویش آن خود دانستش آن محبوب‌کیش
She saw her name written on a palace: she who was of goodly belief knew that it (the palace) belonged to her.
بعد از آن گفتند کین نعمت وراست کو بجان بازی بجز صادق نخاست
After that, they said (to her), “This Bounty is for him who has risen up with constant sincerity in self-devotion.
خدمت بسیار می‌بایست کرد مر ترا تا بر خوری زین چاشت‌خورد
Thou must needs have done much service (to God), in order that thou might’st partake of this repast;
چون تو کاهل بودی اندر التجا آن مصیبتها عوض دادت خدا
(Hence), as thou wert remiss in taking refuge (with God), God gave thee those afflictions instead.”
گفت یا رب تا به صد سال و فزون این چنینم ده بریز از من تو خون
“O Lord,” cried she, “give me such-like (afflictions) for a hundred years and more! Do Thou shed my blood!”
اندر آن باغ او چو آمد پیش پیش دید در وی جمله فرزندان خویش
When she advanced into that garden, she saw there all her children.
گفت از من کم شد از تو گم نشد بی دو چشم غیب کس مردم نشد
She said, “They were lost to me, (but) they were not lost to Thee.” Without (possessing) the two eyes of the Unseen, no one becomes the Man (pupil of the eye).
تو نکردی فصد و از بینی دوید خون افزون تا ز تب جانت رهید
You did not let blood (by cupping), and (therefore) the superfluous blood ran from your nose, to the end that your life might be saved from fever.
مغز هر میوه بهست از پوستش پوست دان تن را و مغز آن دوستش
The core of every fruit is better than its rind: deem the body to be the rind, and its friend (the spirit) to be the core.
مغز نغزی دارد آخر آدمی یکدمی آن را طلب گر زان دمی
After all, Man has a goodly core: seek it for one moment, if you are of (if you belong to those inspired by) that (Divine) breath.




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